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I'm foreign. That's my excuse.
She has a 'I love you but I have a knife in my pocket 'cause I'm gonna kill you' face going on. Walk the other way, girl.
I thought you were gonna get a gun cake mold and make a giant marshmallow gun ...I think that'd be pretty awesome too.
I swear to god, if this is a dream sequence, I will hunt you down, ReverendJack.
Kiss her, you fool. There'll never be a better time.
I understand. Sexuality is a very complicated, personal thing. I have some issues with how people interpret bisexuality as well, but that's another thing for another occasion.

I was searching for lesbian comics and I happened to stumble upon "O Captain, My Captain" and I thought 'boy,this style look really familiar'. And then I read you moved to this account. I'd love to see the other comic continued, I really enjoyed the style. It looked promising.
Well, if she broke up with her boyfriend and was still attracted to women, then she would be bisexual. And if she were completely straight she wouldn't have sex with women at all, even if it turned her boyfriend on, know what I mean? So technically she is bisexual at the moment, regardless of the situation.

By the way, I happened to stumble upon your other comic. Are you planning on continuing that one?
All my exes have been awesome (:
Uuuuh that's a neat little touch.
Hahaha, dodging copyright infringement xD
This style is lovely (:
Well guuurl you don't know how to take a hint, so she had to put it more bluntly.
There's always someone who's more dominant in a relationship. No need to pull out the labels all the time, tho.
I find it a little jarring that the guy shoots to the left and the shot comes from the opposite side in the last panel.
Waaait. If she scratched him with her left hand, in what direction did she swing to scratch him on his left cheek? Did she back-hand-scratch him backwards?
"My -newest- son." Hahahah I guess they just keep popping out.
This page oozes chocolate fudge and honey.
That's a HUGE chunk of backstory summarized in that first panel. I mean, HUGE, and very crucial at that. I don't buy that Ella was being selfish and did not want to go back to her sister if I don't see it, at least a bit of it, maybe a little bit of the relationship between her and the boy. That would've been more engaging. That whole chunk of text could have easily been two or three more pages.
Congrats on the website. The design is really nice, looks awesome so far (:
"Don't worry, I'm not gonna trick you into going back to my hotel with me, drug you and sell you to the prostitution mob. Trust me."

"Oh, ok. You sound sincere enough."