I'm a laid back dood. Hoping to make a webcomic.
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Man, such a long streak of on time updates... gone.
But as you can see, I could not half ass this page!
Late Comic
Page 19 is going to be late, expect it later today.
MANNNNN, there goes my update streak!
Happy 150th Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!
Commissions are now open if you'd like a drawing from me! For details!
Shoutout to Fourze99 on tvtropes for making a tvtropes page for this comic!
Brings a tear to my eye that someone put in such effort to make a whole page detailing the tropes in my comic!

Tvtropes page here:

It does make some assumptions about some elements but if I corrected them then that would be telling to much, ahehehe!
Opening commissions soon if anyone is interested!
@Dan Genesis: Wacka Wacka
Whatchya gonna do?
@Mr. Hat: FINALLY someone got that!
@SuperBunnyBun: "it stinks"
Happy Easter everyone!
@Dan Genesis: Now I'll probably be WRITING all his lines in Daffy Ducks voice!
Spot the reference!
@Mr. Hat: Nah, just some random song title I thought up!
@Mr. Hat: Its the OG Ultraman, and theres one more suuuuuper obscure korean toku ref left!
Ref spot time!
@SuperBunnyBun: You're always this comic's Tom Servo, Buns!
Nerf This!
February 27th, 2017
@compeck1: Thank Sir/Madame/Other