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Or you know, when you look yourself in the mirror with your morning blurry vision and are like " Ohh yeahh, sexy mama."
And have a happy holiday!:)
Sooo, the "Dudududddudu" thing is supposed to represent the sound speakers make when they pick up phone signals.

I don´t get a lot of texts... I get excited.
October 29th, 2012
It´s for a good cause, but good lord it´s not a lot of men that can pull of a tache.
Sometimes when something´s suddenly gotten cleaned up in the house I feel a bit like that Oo
In Sweden pretty much no one does drugs. London is a whole other scene Oo
Nights like that when it´s just impossible to sleep I get tempted...
September 30th, 2012
I´ll keep on looking in the mirror after a big one though... I dare to dream!
September 24th, 2012
I understand why people are religious, doesn´t stop me from thinking they´re idiots.
Use your sex voice guys!
My mom really apologized for bringing me Ice cream and coffee...
@jonasfx: Nee, Uppsala. Men Umeå tidningen QLTR bad mig göra serier till dem. De använder fortfarande Tardaasa men jag slutade att göra serier specifikt för Umeå eftersom jag just inte är Umeå bo själv. Blev lite svårt :)
Don´t over think it. JUST DO IT. Ehhhh ^^
Positive promiscuity is good promiscuity!
Mostly a girl thing right? ;P
I may or may not have done a self test recently... :3
I´m a sucker for impossible situations :3
Nb 1 reason I gained weight when I moved to London I´d say XD
Discussing with some people slowly drains my soul -.-
Don´t pretend your thoughts aren´t messed up to ^^