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Just a mixed guy that draws and does sprite editting (again). Hope we could get along.
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    Adarius Ford-Barrios
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o.O.... note to self never piss off Faust. This made me laugh a lot.
poor Tails... I wonder how'll pull through this one?
rock to the face
just take him to the center they'll fix him right up. lol
looks like tails made a mess.
oh dear god O_o
hmm didn't think my avatar would be counted as a sprite that's a first lol. I might work on both. He did feel kinda lacking on the body but I like him the way he is lol.
from what I see he seems to be a bit of a problem.
Wanted to see what my avatar looked like as a sprite. I plan to try and make Manikin into a sheet.
looks like a lot of fun.
I'll finally be able to put something up. been busy a lot more then I thought. Finally managed to get a laptop so expect to see some things from me.
someone didn't flush?!
unable join due to lack of labtop and some issues in going on in class...
here *hands over rocket launcher*