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I'm currently in school for Video Game Art and Design, though I do comics every once in a while, and am working on a book. Of course I love to draw. :) I also love toys.
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Aw, that's a pity. I'll still read on the new site, though. Congrats! :)
So I actually attempted to draw a train...
Der Verrater's Nose
Actually... his nose is based off "Snape" from Harry Potter, because I'm a loser and crooked noses are cool, haha.
In reply to Rizu
Wilhelm is blonde/blue eyed and Der Verrater has black hair and dark brown/black eyes, but as I generally only do black/white and red, there's not really anything to worry about. ^^; They aren't in uniform on this page, just overcoats, so they'd either be grey or a light brown.
And Wilhelm's all like "yay I get to tag along!" and Der Verrater's all like "you're a moron" and Daestwen's all like "I need to be asleep, i am like an old man, who can't be up past ten thirty."
Sorry, school kills me, but I'm on break again and already have two more pages penciled - so I'll ink those and get them up as soon as I can.

Thank you for your patience!

Sorry, I just love this page.
To Rizu
Thanks for all your comments so far. :D

You can paint whichever pages you like, I totally don't mind. Anything coloured is good coloured. I tend to work black/white and red/another very specific colour, as that tends to work.

As for inking: I find it's pretty quick to do it that way, yeah. I use a .2 mm technical pen and it comes out nice. :)
Looks like this could be good. :) I'll keep my eye on it.
In reply to Mercilly
I don't, though my mother does, and my roommate speaks enough to get by. I can speak a little french and a little finnish, not that it will help me, haha. A lot of the german phrases I use come from propaganda circulated by the nazis during WWII.
Sorry about the wait, school makes me want to die.

By the way, if anyone is interested in helping me out by colouring...?

As for this page: Helene (she has accents on the two first e's, but) Lignier was a real person, who was excecuted by the SS after she and two other women sabotauged the work camp that they were placed in, after being arrested for being in the french resistance. She did not (as far as I am aware) murder anyone or burn anything down, haha, so I'm stretching this a little bit in order to make it more dramatic (that, and none of the characters are real people, as this is a comic, so). Anyway. She's the first real hit that we'll be able to see, and thus one of the first story arcs, so I hope you enjoy!
In Reply to Sam4books
Actually, you're very right. Wilhelm is kind of half based off a real german officer that is written about in the book "The Pianist". Though his life was kind of tragic, he inspired me to do this comic to explore the idea that ideas are more evil than people. (If that makes sense.)
About the Page
It will be more obvious when I colour it (because red is the only colour other than B&W), that his hand is actually all scratched up and bloody, and he gets a little in his hair when he puts his hand to his head. (He doesn't care).

That is all.

Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. :)
In reply to ColdTurkey
Actually, Wilhelm is a nazi, but he's not part of the SS (though his father is), and working with Der Verrater means that he's actually not allowed to talk about the jewish holocaust at all. I think it's on page four, or something, it's only really briefly mentioned.

Wilhelm, though he's a soldier, was brought up through the Hitler Youth, and because his father holds such a high rank, has never actually seen battle, or a lot of death.

His views on the subject become quite a plot point (in fact, one of the main ones), so if you're curious, stay tuned. :)
Chapter Two
Originally there was going to be another page before this, but no matter how many versions I did of it, it simply didn't work. So instead, I'm simply going to go on with the next chapter, and have wilhelm refer to what would have happened on the last page. I might end up doing it in flashbacks, depending. It simply wasn't working as a page by itself, so.

As for the new chapter title page. It lacks a drawing, I know. Originally, it would have been Wilhelm, up against a wall, with the same graffiti spraypainted behind him. But it was too complicated, and I wanted to keep the covers really really simple - the wall background was taking away from the minimalism, and didn't match Chapter One.

That said, I am not entirely happy with this, and it will probably end up changed. For now, a translation:

"Alles Fur Deutschland" translates literally into "Everything for Germany".
This page is incredibly cute, haha.
In reply to Kai:
He doesn't, and it's not there yet. It becomes a major plot point later on, so don't worry. :)
In reply to xhahakistinax
I don't really do out-an-out yaoi, but the comic is essentially the relationship between the two of them, and the odd way that it grows. It's certainly not normal. :) Mostly I will hint at stuff and let people draw their own conclusions. I'm trying to keep as accurate as I can, and homosexuality was a preeeetty strict no-no, as I mention on page four, or something.
In answer.
So, in answer to questions on the last page, no, it was not anyone in particular that Wilhelm knew. It was just his reaction to having a severed head thrown into his lap, and will be discussed over the next few pages. :)
I'm back
Yup, semester is over, so I am back for at least a week. I'll try to get as much done as I can, and try to keep it up even through school this time. Hope you enjoy!