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"The Nazi and the Stoner" is published in Zenith City Semi-Weekly in Duluth, Minnesota.

Published in the Northland Reader after Jesse's election in 1998. At the time I was concerned about some of his pre-Tea Party statements, though in action he wasn't so mean-spirited; the best thing he did as governor was to shift school funding from local to statewide to make it more equitable. Politically we're in the same camp in regards to war, weed and gay rights.
This was published when Jesse was running for Minnesota governor in 1998. As it turned out he did a respectable job, though later we wondered how that was possible, considering he hosted a cheesy conspiracy theory cable show. Lately he's recovered some of his stock by winning that lawsuit.
This won honorable mention in the now-defunct Twin Cities Reader cartoon contest back in 1989. Honorable mention isn't exactly winning, but it's something.
Mostly an in-joke about one of the writers at the Reader Weekly. I bet you know someone exactly like this, though...oh, wait, you don't. There's only one Amy Hoff. To see what she's up to now, see here.
This comic is from the late '90s, inspired by a certain Michal Bay extraganza. Too bad a real meteor didn't hit the earth before all those "Transformers" movies could soil the universe.
This is an early stand-alone panel by the author, perhaps the genesis for the Sonny Joe strips to follow.
Published in Zenith March 25, 2014.

Yes, this is the last episode of the Nazi and the Stoner. Actually there haven't been that many objections to the strip, but it's been running for nearly six years now and the joke has run its course. That, and I finally got a job at a mainstream newspaper where Nazis and Stoners are less welcome fare.

If it'll dry your tears, you may check out my strip which was published before Nazi/Stoner but never saw weblife until now, No Light at the End of the Tunnel.
This is a non-frog entry by the artist, and yeah, there's no punchline.
Published in Zenith March 4, 2014.

This is a gag my co-writer made up, relevant to nothing, which I wrote down, stuck in a file, and pulled out a year or so later. By then he denied ever coming up with the idea and pointed out the Nazi's girlfriend Pearl would not stand for rule #2; furthermore, rule #2 defeats any reason the Stoner would support rule #3. I said tooty frooty and went with it anyway. Cartoons have elastic logic by nature.

Latest Minnesota Nazi sighting! In the Twin Cities, "Nazi re-enactors" were busted holding a private party at a German restaurant. They said they were just actors honing their craft, but that didn't stop the backlash.
It's hard to say what was their state of mind. Critics noted the event was held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, though it's not like MLK fought German Nazis. (And how did you honor MLK Day, dear reader? Watching Family Guy reruns?) More uncomfortably, it turned out the organizer has Nazi tattoos, which is taking method acting a bit far. Still, if they were real Nazis, instead of apologizing they'd holler, "YES! WE'RE REAL NAZIS!"

My main gripe: a little get-together with costumes and flags? BO-RING. Now if you bring in 80s music, S & M dancers and Mel Brooks as MC...THERE'S a Nazi party worth joining.
Published February 11, 2104 in Zenith.

It's true. This li'l Duluth shop called Global Village honored Martin Luther King Jr. with a "25% off everything black" sale. Given they're in the business of peace, love and understanding, they figured they had license to indulge in a bit of irreverent but affectionate racial humor:

"Annual MLK Day BLACK SALE! He showed us that the struggle and lookin' super fly can go hand in hand. We salute him with 25% off everything black, Monday, January 20th. Much more our style than a Columbus Day sale, no?"

It's a tad cavalier, but in an era when a prime time character named Cleveland Brown is voiced by a bald white guy and no one blinks, it seems this wouldn't be a big deal. And so it wasn't for three years that Global Village used this promo. But in the fourth year every white liberal within internet range dogpiled on them (mainly on their Facebook page, which you can still look up) and it turned into national news. Which goes to show, 1) lefties can be just as assholish as righties, especially when eating their own; 2) apparently NOTHING is funny about peace, love and understanding.

But who are we to talk? We do a comic strip about a Nazi.
Published in Zenith January 21, 2014.

Researchers of ancient vernacular may also find occasional sightings of "heewack" in early Doonesbury.

I've only read two books by Tom Wolfe. "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" is good. "Bonfire of the Vanities" is one of the worst pieces of shit to stain 20th Century literature.
Published in Zenith December 31, 2013.

Latest and greatest Hitler reference! The one percent is the new culture of victimhood.
Published in Zenith December 10, 2013.
This a web exclusive, because by the time the next issue of Zenith comes out on December 31, no one will give a rat's diddly about this hoo-haw anymore. Not that they should have in the first place. But what the heck, it's good for a few yucks.
Published in Zenith November 18, 2013.

Anyone who liked our pre-ObamaCare system must have a sado-masochism complex. Anyway Obama didn't lie; crappy policies that didn't meet standards were grandfathered in, but then after ObamaCare passed, insurers proceeded to sell more crappy policies that they knew would be cancelled. So after Obama bent over backwards to accommodate insurance companies, they screwed him over. Moral of the story: agree to great compromise at your own risk.

Still it probably doesn't matter in the long run, now that ObamaCare is working. Even though it's worse than the Nazis.
Published in Zenith October 29, 2013, just in time for Halloween.

The October shutdown doomed the Republicans, but oh, fickle fortune, the November ObamaCare rollout dooms the Democrats. (More on that in the issue on newsstands now!) Is there any sunshine in the knowledge that the public hates the Republicans more?

Still we offer a far more pressing question: Who is the inspiration for Pearl Harbor, the Nazi's girlfriend? Is it Yoko? Or perhaps Betty Page? Or maybe Joan Brooks from the 1943 devil worship classic The 7th Victim? You're right! All three!
Published in Zenith October 8, 2013.

Pat Robertson brings us the latest Nazi reference. Our Nazi takes it as sign that Nazism has been too wimpy if it can be connected to liberalism.
Published in Zenith September 17, 2013. If you want the latest installment of this strip sooner and you live in the Twin Ports, you can rush out and get a copy of the paper at your local grocery, restaurant, or community center (the places that haven't banned it yet, anyway) or check Zenith's own website. The deal is we can't post content on our own websites until the current three-week issue is outdated. You might say it's a raw deal, but who else would print something with "Nazi" and "Stoner" in the title?

The Mama Grizzly movement has faded, but we can't shake the feeling they're still behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

Michele is on her way out, but her publicity machine just won't quit. As for Palin, she was politically dead & buried when we made this strip, so we can't help but wonder if by invoking her image three times, we've summoned the demon.

And just in case you already forgot about Cleveland...
A brief detour from the Bachmann-in-the-Closet storyline to bring you an important message...

We're tellin' ya, "Breaking Bad" is a ripoff of us! Who are Heisenberg and Jesse but the Nazi and the Stoner thinly disguised?

The show debuted in January 2008 while the strip first appeared in Zenith later that year, but they musta sent spies to our studio (namely our heads). If the NSA can do it, AMC sure as heck can.

Most likely, we're both just ripoffs of Pinky and the Brain.

Just so you know. Otherwise that's all we're pitching in to Badmania. (Yeah, we watched it. We hated it but we watched it.)
Published in Zenith August 27, 2013. By the way, this story arc began here.

As I drew this I wondered why I was bringing up Ms. Bachmann at all, considering she is so over. But it turned out to be prescient (or maybe predictable) that she would get herself back in the news.

Here's< /a> the lowdown on her corn dog snapshot.

The Nazi has
this bumper sticker on his Volkswagon! Why don't you?