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death has a short temper xD
._. seriously? i lawled at that expression its so cute on dake!
chaos oh so chaotic
gods are so mean :( and sexy, omg sexy
sally... i love her style
.... :(
omg NO jack... hes dead :(
steves past few days have been hectic :O
poor cain... shot outta the sky b4 he even meets her again...
nikki is so cute :D shes super needy like my kittie :D
wow sally is horrible ^_^ so mean lol love that meddling :)
thats amazingly cute she is so adorable
.... cant think blood loss effecting.... Lor hot... need.... body.... next to... me... *faints*
Roxies hair is SOOO pretty i absolutley love it ^_^
cant wait~~ somethings going to happen ~bites lip~
aww her expression is the best i love it
lol i love lors expression its so cute
lol vampire >.> you would expect him to be at least a little knoledgable but... alas... no (sally right? i forgot her name a long time ago havent been on in forever) aw well ^_^ pliers funny
lol hes so hot
lol scarring the ocean lol
Like OMG ^.^ wow tommy looks Super hot in those glasses and i dont have a weakness for them wither ^.^