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I saw you drawin' that Batgirl! Turned out awesome. Love the sparkle in her suit.

oh... and... SPIDERS SUCK.
Incentive picture didn't work. Voted twice just to make sure.

And yay! A party! Some shit needs to be stirred. Maybe meet some new peeps? Dunno, should be fun!
Awww... Gibs has his very own pet Rori! Is she pure-bred? lol
I have a similar reoccurring dream! Only it's just me that has a beard and it's more like a Commander Riker beard. In my dream, I think I look so good with a beard, but at some point, I realize women aren't supposed to have beards and I wake up.

I can only imagine it has something to do with all the times I've dressed as Silent Bob for Halloween and been honestly called(not just playing along) "sir"! LOL
I love rubbing your husband's beard too. I mean MY husband's beard. MINE. yeah.
I needed to buy pads one day and I had my 1.5 year old with me. I picked up the overnight ones (I move a bunch in my sleep) and she said, "Diaper?", and a lady an isle away giggled. I said, "Not quite, honey, but close". LOL.

Man, you know I be pimpin' "Pictures of You"! Speaking of which... where's my money, ho? ;) kidding! Love this GN and honestly hope you hit the 10k mark soon.
I'm with amiko on that! Yard work SUCKS. Feel free to come over here and work on my yard if you run out of things to do on yours. :P
wow. Great strip! I really love the action in the 5th panel where he's literally throwing Devon out! WTG Dad!
HAHAHA! My kid jibbers and even *I* don't understand it half the time.
Congrats, Rori! Really proud of you, ma'am! (And jealous, lol)

I vote for some kind of dalmatian joke for strip 101.
"You guys just don't realize how magical your heads are."

Oh... "heads"... giggle...
WOO HOO! Now you better RUN before Daddy spanks you!

... so am I the only one that kinda wishes it said "POW" or "WHAM" on it a la Adam West Batman?
Awwww... they just wanted to be friends with the big kids!

I bet they wanted to sell you weed.
You make me hate Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday is what you do. :P
Aww... you'll still be OK! No foolin'.
So... the bit about it being in color was an April Fools joke? ;O)
Haha! The cat certainly seems to want to get away from you. It's a Pussy Martial Art. ha.
I gotta say I wish Melanie would grow a spine and just tell her father the asshole beat her. Though, I get the feeling when Patrick finds out Devon's there, his dad will hear about it.