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I'm a beginner comic artist and I will improve, don't worry
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I am glad your back, I hope all goes well for you
Is that Dick Punch guy?
//smacks him with whale
Join them dumbo!
Omg he never had a pet, did he?
omg I can see the denial actually radiating from Bryn
@MoonByte: Idk but he doesn't have to shove it our faces. Or maybe he does? Idk what I want from him
And Aiden, stop having valid points or being so sexy. We are not in the mood- pfft I couldn't get threw that with a straight face XD
//gives a tall and stiff drink
You need this
The endless love for this comic ♡♡♡
I swear you are recording me somehow...
@ohdaniboy: 1) Well shtap because it's bootiful
2) Yay for Duck Punch! It truly is the best
3&4) Yeah... not my proudest to admit totally funny because it's true
Okay 1) I fucking live your style so meh. 2) When can we see Dick Punch?
3) This sounds like me who I hit on someone
4) Pretty sure I lived this a few times
@ElectronicYaoi: Even if they are not, I think men should start looking like that
Just gotta say
Those belly muscles are delicious looking and I rather envy Hendrix
I am over my punch in the face phase, mostly, and now loving this new direction <3 <3 <3
Did anyone ever tell you that you enjoy making this too much?
Have I ever told you I enjoy reading it to much?
Because the answer is "yes"to both of these questions
@ElectronicYaoi: It's really not
He just deserves to feel how he made him feel all the time
Punch him~ Di it!
I mean boink him senseless and leave him to stew in his own feeling, then punch hm!
Aww cute little guy~
'Nilla, you ate just the sweetest e-e //smacks with a shovel and drags to the woods
Okay I hate the coach