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I'm a big fan of LIGHTS, a Canadian synth-pop singer. I'm OBSESSED with BBC's MERLIN (a tv show, and if you don't watch it or don't know what it is, you don't know what you're missing). I like watching zombie movies and ghost movies, and other stuff like that. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite animals are pigs and turtles. I'm an avid reader, mostly crime dramas like CSI. And I'm a POKeMON fan.
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My kitty Gwennie is very silly. I got her last summer and I love her very much ^^.
Introducing Min!
This strip introduces my best friend Min. She's two grades below me.

At lunch one day, she had made tea biscuits in her food class earlier and she had some left over so she let me eat a bunch of them, even though I already had a lunch. I got so full >~<

I like eating the heads and faces first of anything animal-shaped. >.>
This was more recent: a week or so, around Feb 20-ish. My hair had grown a bit since the last cut, but it was bugging me and stuff and I wanted to change it. :/
I had my hair cut at the end of summer. I donated 14 inches and still ended up with a lot of hair. It felt like I had none because I'm so used to having long thick hair. lol

Happeh Burfdey, H0ly!
Cute. Lol "That's Hoooott" thatwoluldsobeme
Drama class... XD
lol this is kinda random but my sis and I were talking a few weeks/days ago about friends we have that were either gay or bi and she said she wanted a GBF named Jimmy. I squealed with much delight and agreed 100%.
Jimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;A;
Not that shocking...
I'm not so shocked that DT's a girl. Kinda like the George thing. She always kinda looked feminine to me :/ and on that page where she's being pet by Atty, she kinda looks like my kitten too, who is a female.
Don't be fooled...
He's only in it for the cookies!

BTW that is Mordred... ya in Season 5 he's older :/
I read SPOILERS...

...that Merlin is going to struggle with the temptation to use darker magic in the upcoming season, and my mind kinda happened...
Black and white becuz blahgh :P
I see an epic custody battle in their future.
I knew I should've gotten the other one >.>
What's this? A filler? In my comic? NOWAI
So ya, I bought this T-shirt at Anime North back in May, and a few nights ago I was fooling around and randomly quoting Doctor Who when I realized I made a grave mistake. Needless to say, I freaked myself out so bad that night.
Awwwwee that suckz! I felt like that last week when I had a fight with my friend. I was a mess T^T

Feel better soon *sends you heaps of virtual huggles*
ERMAHGERD! U remind me of Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls!
I like your style its cute and a little adventure timey even though I've never seen that show
Now there's two of us. D:
I feel bad for the rest of my family...
@bluswordgrl: I don't doubt it ^^
Lol yes! Like a sir :3
I had this page lying around for a while and forgot to digitalize it :/

My obsession with monocles is perfectly healthy, thank you.
Awww that's so sweet! It makes me feel all fuzzy inside ^^
What a tender moment between Amelia and Mikko, well as tender as it gets with these two ;p
Thank you! This page is truly a gift TUT
Lol Mikko's mom is so pretty ^^
@Inxerene: I can't stop watching your avatar XD
Amelia looks pretty with that flower in her hair ^^
Lol Mikko looks ready to flip someone off XD