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i love manga
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Okay... I won't even start apologizing for not updating...
A lot of things is happening in my life right now, and overall I'm just so terribly busy (mainly with cosplay and other drawings)

So what is going on?
I've been working on costumes since january for different competitions, and then I spend my online time / drawing time with rp on dA and drawing stuff for the groups.. further more I'm going through a very stressed periode of my life, and soon school starts, so I'll be working 3-5 jobs (depending on the situation later on) and studying, plus working out at the fitness center to gaign some weight/muscles... Also my sister got a baby, I went to france and then sweeden, so busy busy busy... So all in total this is the reason for no updates...

The question I assume you, my dear turtles, are having in mind; When is the next update?
To that I can't even answer... I kinda lost the flow for drawing on both this and my other webcomic, but I will maybe get back to it later... Sadly I cannot promise you anything... I guess you can say I'm just not much into yaoi (lol guess you can say it makes me feel super gay? *goes to corner to le girlfriend of mine) and I would rather try and get back to rewriting my very first manga (I started on it when I was around 10-11 years..)
If you are still interested in my work, you can visit my deviantart drawing account;

In here I will mostly post drawings and not manga pages, but since I plan on starting up my very first baby again, I will be posting previews in there and such..

Thank you all for following this, and please know that I love all of you turtles, and I will gladly make soup of you <33 (okay nevermind that sounded creepy)

If you are one of those who will sit around and wait for the rare updates I will make on this, please feel free to keep on following this.. I will not take it down... and eventually I will probably continue...

... so... thanx for taking your time to read this.
Not digital anymore
Hello my turtles <3 Sorry for the long time with no updates.. From now on, this manga will be made by hand ^^; cause I think it looks better....

Whatchya think? 8D horrible attitude~
amg shitty me
... I suck... both at updating and drawing... sorry my turtles... ^^; It took me forever to update this... OTL" I'm just a bit out of inspiration for the pages here, even thou most of the story is allready planned..... I seriously need to make some sketches soon OTL
I am SO SORRY for letting you all wait this long!!!! ;__; I know I have been insanely slow on updating this time! But... should I keep it colored from now on, or do you prefer it black/white? I don't have much experience in coloring manga pages OTL" in the end I prefer drawing it all by hand and do screentones by hand too.. just not gonna happen.. xD; I don't have a scanner...

anyways... I thought I should let you know why I haven't been able to update?
I had my final exams... it took soooo much of my time, but now I've passed (with okay high grades actually) and I've moved too! I now live in a new apartment with my lovely girlfriend and my two babies (cats) <3
but as I graduated, a new question had raised: What do I wanna do now?... I have 4 jobs by now.. they doesn't start before september thou @.@ but atleast I won't have to worry that much about money....
So... My future plans? I'll keep on drawing, and hopefully I'll get better with my poor tablet skills... and then I wanna work at a publishing company in the comic department.. hopefully I'll get good enough to publish my own for real one day...

ALSO! I offer you dear turtles who follow this comic a small shop! I'll open soon as a private sale in a shorter amount of time, selling both posters, shoulderbags and keychains too... I don't know the prices yet, but I'll get to it.. I ship worldwide :)
keep yourself updated at my deviantart:
.... this made me bleed love <3 now they just both have to stay in the same bed =w=b
@emmabug12345: Not that there's a lot of "costume" in it, if you get what I mean *trollface* XD
Wai no Daisy!?
... I was expecting him to suddenly say "Daisy"... and then crawe smex...... *not sure if gusta face*

... but still likes it owo
Page 10.... a bit of an exra ordinary stripper...?
I have been looking forward to draw this ever since I made the first page... sadly it didn't turn out as I wanted it to... not even close to having enough power... but I still hope you like
Another page
sorry for (again...) the late update.. but here it is.. another page BD
@Andromeda Lazuli: Going to the danish ones.. and then a few sweedish and a french one this year too :3
sorry - lack of updates
.. The time is near... My final examens at school, plus a lot of conventions... so I'm busy as hell..

But here I give you a new page.. promise I'll try to make the next update soon..

However, the next comic page I'll make will be for my other webcomic "You suck at being Juliet" ..
Please be patient my dear turtles ... ! Love you long time!
I missed my deadline .... again =.=" and my wrists hurts soooo bad! OTL

... and the lineart on this page...!? NO NO NO! *dies of shame in the corner*

.... anyways.. Kyon is le bastard.. :B please leave a comment below
This page hurted.
Accidently I've sprained both my wrists..... OTL so it hurted sooo bad to draw this page! Which explains why I've missed my deadline with a whole hour >_<" sorry...

But here it is! The introduction is over, and you'll get to know the characters
... The climax
....... dirty dirty XD

... Soon the story itself will get started! The introduction will end soon! I promise! XD
... smex on legs...?
.... more sexual scenes... :B please leave a comment
Shane in disguise!
... and Shane is totally trying to cover up his apperance..... so instead of being regonized he just looks like a dork....

good job mr. handsome model...

... and Kyon is all slutty .. what did you expect? BD
The second page
... boogies.... :B
First page...
and we start right out with a yaoi scene...

... the city.. I love it so much <33 ... sadly it was only a screentone paper I bought back in 2008 xD;;;; I seriously need to practice my background drawing skills!
First chapter page
Hello out there? Thank you all so much for all the fans O.O that went insanely fast! I hope you will enjoy this web manga just as much as I enjoy drawing it !
This is the first page of the...
... remake of "L.A. Love addict."

... I hope you'll enjoy this comic :)

the cover <3