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Fuck Smackjeeves. It's time I move on. I will shy away from this horrendous website of betrayal, trolls, noobs, and perverts scouring SJ to humiliate. Destroy this yaoi.

But I'll be back, only to update my comics. Nothing else shall remain of my former ego. SJ, goodbye.

Just Kidding!

I'm banned from the forums. So don't PM me, just contact me via Steam or something.
This is probably the most accurate description of the comic.
Do you use MS Paint 7? Make squares, and turn gridlines on. Copy-paste and make sure they align close enough. Problem solved.
He's right. The BG is not good because you can't actually make it yourself. The red dude burns my eyes. NEVER. ever. USE MS PAINT TO RECOLOR.

Also to make sprites look good, I hope you make them regular size and then resize...don't stretch the sprites. add it 200x200 and make the panels bigger so the sprites can fit well.
October 17th, 2011
I laughed in the first 3 seconds.
October 17th, 2011
Ultimate it's called

I think he uses Arial in size 16 or so, illuminated.

Btw I would suggest fixes but I can't think of any.
September 19th, 2011
Sorry STP, but the comic got old quite a while ago. So did SaP. I guess I AM biased due to Kai Seta the kitsune furry troll...

What, I can insult Dzelda because she *Shot* isn't active here! HAHA!
Guys. All of you.

Sonic would easily fall off the arena.

Mario is chubby and therefore, slow.

Megaman is a robot on steroids with over 60 or so weapons at his disposal.

So Megaman would win.
I have an idea for another one :

Shattering Nickels!

Or Imploding Quarters.
...I have a Chuck Norris Joke.

Even if you hate Chuck Norris, he used a Jedi Mind trick on you so now you think he's awesome.

And now he just Roundhouse kicked you while you weren't looking.
First Comic Here!
Well, here's my first comic here! Since I was assigned to do this saga, here's my go at it. And yes, I do use Microsoft Paint.

The fonts I used were Cracked Johnnie, and Hand Me Down S (BRK).

Since I couldn't rip Dark's sprites directly from the first one, I made a horrible recolor.
Yeah, but it's also kinda complicated. MS Paint seven could do the job too. It's what I use.
I know I've been posting this kinda alot, but seriously, site traffic their sucks, but the layout is nice.
I'm IP banned from the forums, I bypassed a regular ban, created about 3-4 alternate accounts, I get pissed off easily, I need a therapist, and it all F*cking goes down.


I suggested a comic that broke you mentally!

I laugh at this comic. I don't know if I'm laughing at how bad it is or how much I have enough bad webcomic taste to laugh at this.
Hmm. I'll only update my comics, and maybe comment every once in a while. I'm IP banned from the forums.
What about my guest comic?
Now you know why I rarely ever go on the Newgrounds forums.
2nd favorite rant comic ever.

Seriously, I'd have voted for Mccain.


He's from Arizona, so am I.

The land where we have FUCKING RATTLESNAKES.

Soz for no image BG or image...couldn't find this. After all, this IS an online game.