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That TBC was inspired from doing it in your retroforce east short
@wyrdphynix: Haven't seen it but after looking through some of the images we can definitely see some similarities.
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Definitely. It's a story that was a long time in the making. And the art has changed, even from a few years ago. I think mature is a good way to put it. Are you going to ACE this year?
@H4RSHKN1GHT: maybe? I haven't thought of that cartoon in a long time.
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Mandy is all about that.
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Currently the name she has is "Sting," but I'm trying to come up with a better name. She's from the sunken realm of Atlantis and has gills and flies/swims. She also can create bioelectric blasts (electric eel/sting ray-like). Kind of an Aquaman/Namor type character
@H4RSHKN1GHT: This is just one of the pages for this slight pause. Do you think it would sell well as a print?
Chainsaw vs Scalpel
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Chloe is more of a chainsaw wielded by a ham-handed teenager than a scalpel. She gets the job done but it isn't pretty.
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Takes a while but it is worth it.
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Why yes it is. And Thanks.
@H4RSHKN1GHT: You may be one of the few people who get that.
@Rochelle: unfortunately never heard anything back from them
@H4RSHKN1GHT: No plans to get it, Duncan has a tattoo of a guitar but I don't have any. What about you?
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Probably not but won't rule out the possibility.
@sarah penguin:

Thanks, always great to hear from our readers. if you haven't already check out our kickstarter or facebook page.
And now you know, and knowing is half the battle
If you hadn't guessed by now these were photos from our wedding that took place October 31st, 2010 at the Museum of Appalachia. The reasons for the photos are simple. This is our Anniversary and to celebrate we took a small trip provided by our wonderful friends Barbee and Lee to Hot Springs, North Carolina. The comic should be up shortly either this week or next but come Friday we will have something new and amazing for you.
The Anders Clan
Today's Picture is of the Clan Anders. From left to right we have Andy, (Mandy's brother), Glenn, (her father), and Kay, (her mother). If you haven't guessed what the surprise is then you probably want to stick around for the the next puzzle piece on Monday.
Dad and Me
This is a picture of my Father (Mike) and I. Still interested? Tune in again on Sunday for the Next piece of the puzzle.
The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...
Finally here, this is the beginning of the story. Thanks for those of you who read Getting to Know You and were patiently awaiting the arrival of the story. Please tell your friends, and then they can tell their friends, and you get the picture.