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Graduated with a degree in 2D Animation, I am now working on freelance projects, commissions, and comics.
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    Amanda McManaman
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Packing is Easier with Magic
This was the last Inktober challenge I was able to do in October, before my time really got tangled up into packing and moving. I remember thinking, 'wouldn't this be so much easier if I was like Merlin from Sword in the Stone?'
Bad Bag
My bag gets excited and run around and ruin things. Especially with ink bottles.
My Familiar!
My familiar is almost exactly the opposite of me...tall. He can help me reach places that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. He's also magical of course, and can help me reach the stars. I believe his origin story involves a constellation.
Concept Art of my character flying on a broomstick. If I'm going to be sitting on a stick with wind everywhere, I'm definitely going to be comfortable doing it. No dresses for me.
Concept Art
Inktober #2 by Amanda McManaman. Notice that my bag has feet and likes to wander off.
Concept Art
This was the first Inktober drawing that I drew of myself as a witch. So much fun!
I didn't catch it before but I can almost see the skidding into place at the top of the stairs as if it were animated. Great job!
Oh poor Tess, just grumbling away. She's how we would all feel if we were put in that situation. :P
Tess looks really excited about the prospect of money.
ooooooohhhh. This is gonna be fun!
Thank you!
@Whymsies: Aww thank you!
Ah come on! I can't wait!
Sorry guys, I've fallen really behind on my updates again. I got to go see Seester in Florida, and I'm working some overtime. More will be coming within the next week!
Okay, here's the backstory: I was drawing with my good friend Laurissa, and I was complaining that while I could draw a certain expression at the time, I would never be able to do it again. She became the voice in my head that would remind me 'you can do it, you've done it before,' which slowly and hilariously turned into her being my Mufasa, swinging in on cheap stage props to 'Remind me who I was' :)
Another time being sick
I didn't realize how much I draw about being sick until I was looking over these again. I'm really not that sick that often. This instance happened months ago, but I've been wanting to draw it for a long time.
Coming Back!
Well, I said I was taking a break, but now it's time to get back at it. I'm excited to start updating these fun little strips again! I'll update every Wednesday :)
! I love the Bang flags! What a fun idea :D
I like the panels of the background through time. Very pretty!
uh oh
The poor sheriff, he looks so defeated :(
I love how she climbs up on Jack!