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I was kind of hoping he just wouldn't show up. That'd be a nice solution.
January 27th, 2014

I'm a fan of your art style. Also a fan because it's gl. But good art and gl is the best combination.
Definitely would have jumped her. Damn it!

> "Actually, I'm on my way to go do it with my boyfriend."
> "Shit! I am! Sorry James!"
> Run.
Alt. > Make love with the fine blonde.
I like this. It's not at all abnormal to feel flattered/nervous/flustered at the prospect of a date or any sort of thing, even you if aren't of that orientation. And that's easy to mistake for possibly liking a person. And anyway, who would turn down a chance to go to the zoo?
"Why not try a girl?" ---> "Want to sleepover?"

I'm expecting things.
Rat is going to die. Not even faint. Die. Like triple KO.
Step 1
You lost me on step one, when it went from red blur to great art magically.
@SolitaireBear: Haha, I'm from Washington. Lesbians exist there. They're all in Capitol Hill in Seattle!
I felt like I had to favorite this. I laughed so hard. Is that wrong? Summed up my entire high school life, ha!
November 19th, 2011
I laughed so hard. "You killed them all." POKEGOD.
@Lesbian Comics: This is the story of my life, for sure.
Butterfag. It's my new favorite word. I can use it in a variety of ways.

Yo, butterfags.

Got them new butterfags? Butter flavored cigarettes.

Butterfag-get that idea you got about staying alive. Cause these butterfags will burn your butterfags all up, and then you'll butter fags for the rest of your life.

And by that, I mean cigarettes. Though, it could be taken either way, I suppose. I tried to avoid the obvious orientation jokes involving butter that could come of that.

Killer Butterfree, anyone?
I just really wonder what Atty will think when DT becomes a Charizard... And much larger than him. Will he still be a lovable asshole, or will his asshole be loved? But anyway, this is actually how Atty likes it. He acts all aloof, but he really just likes being dominated by overly large worms.
June 24th, 2011
I'm so glad that there's an update! The characters are just so cute!
I like how the second panel is a reference to the Johto theme song.
Imagine how easy EV training would be if there was an auto-battle option.
I just love the expressions of your characters. They're really easy to understand, and yet there's so many differences.

Best expressions in a comic ever. < Contest win.