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End of chapter 4.
So it's back!
Chapter 4 is off and hopefully I'll be able to keep things going for a while since I've got the whole script for volume 2 done.
It's annoying when it happens...
I don't really mind though. In hindsight these occurences are kind of funny.
He loved the new one. It's as if the old one didn't exist to begin with :)
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I hate it...
...when you talk to me, damn store clerks :C
Being introverted, this situation is really stressful when it happens.
Sorry for the hold up! Updates will resume at one comic each monday (Hopefully. Updates will still be irregular if I can't think of anything).
It was actually more of a whisper but never mind.
He really dislikes metal. Melts like butter to stuff like Ryukichi Sakamoto though.

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Now that I think about it, he looked more like Gordon Freeman.
Rope hatching is hard, dammit!
I can be really slow in discovering obvious things sometimes.
@frostflowers: Den förta var "var det allt?" och sen säger han också "Betala!" i övre högra rutan. Men ja, jag har fått pussla ihop vad han sa i efterhand för just då var det bara högt mummel för mina öron.
I somehow always manage to snap really weird photos of him.
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