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Hi I'm Charlie
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It's sloppy and weird, I know.
I like it though... it'll be a little more neat soon, I just need to catch up >___<
So Sorry
I got carried away by school... </3 sorry >~< I just graduated the CCCTC for Print Production/Graphics so I'm finally back + it's summer.... ; n ; I really haven't thrown this away, I just have to keep on track with making pages.
Forwarning my style has completely changed, but yeah >_<
Up at 11:30pm doing this... i seriously need a life...
but hey, heres another page ^u^
; u ; weeeeww the story is finally moving the fuck along.
I guess I decided to add color...? Never again >___>
also I attempted a background, 'aint it sexy? Yeah I know it is.
Next pages should be faster than this.. no color<3

That is all.
Sorry Sorry
I'm so slow ; o ; Sorry guys</3
But hey... heres a new character bio page... You'll be seeing him soon<3
@Laufente: Thank you c: I greatly appreciate it.
If my old computers drive hadn't exploded there'd be many, many more pages.

Hopefully I can keep up at least 3 or so updates a week =3

This guy seems to know what's goin' on. But poor little bluey doesn't have a clue D;
Page twwoo. Yeeaahh dawwgg. Acid trip girls body was a pain in the arse :c
.u. hehe I like it<3
I'm lame. Yeah.
my computer exploded, got a new one. Started re-doing pages today. I'm so lazy<//3
aha~ Do you like my... oxymoron... cliche... thing... going on?
I know it's messy... I'll try to be neater</3 just wanted this up ; o ;
Day made<3
October 25th, 2011
I have a feeling your going to turn this into a Rasputin beat up session xD
@ u @ hahahaa<3
I love them so much
I love this so much ; u ; -hugs comic-