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I like yaoi...and I'm currently taking classes at Art Center College of Design. So yeah...umm...I hope to get a comic up in the near future. Yay!
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Is that a tortoise girl I see there? Because if so, just let me say hell fucking yeah! Looks like a sulcata too, wow~. ♥ Thanks for the amazing comics!
How clever! A mirror to when Kane had to hide under Castalia's dress in the promo. B]
This is really interesting, and I'd love to do it! But I have to ask, when is the deadline? I've been rather busy lately and can't seem to find much time, but everything is going to be cleared up by the end of November. :'D
OH NO! This couldn't be, it can't be! But is it? PUBERTY!?
I'm going to have to go with three for this one.
Gosh... definitely the one in the middle.
Hm... I'd have to say number three.
The last one for me~!
Oh, wow. So many emotions. This comic brings me so much joy, and I am sad to see it end. But I am also happy. Thank you for completing this and not jumping off the boat halfway through. You are absolutely amazing, and I don't think this comic could've been any better than it is. Because it's absolutely perfect. Thank you, once again. I look forward to seeing your next project.
Oh my gawd. That last panel, man. Martin looks damn sexy. And, of course, three panels earlier we got some sexy Pea. >w<


[/exploding with excitement]
January 23rd, 2012
Yaaay! The future is looking bright! :] It'd be so cool to see your works published. *.* It'd be awesome if Seppen could get made into a book. =w= [/cough] ANYWAYS. They'll come to their senses soon. xD
January 21st, 2012
Yaaay! New style! I'm excited~. It's like a whole new adventure in chapter 2.
This page is awesome. I love it when people go crazy~.
Well his cock IS pretty hard. I can live without the animation. xD This comic will be just as good without it.
Oh Herz, you're so silly. Try to get yourself killed? Hahaha, not this time boy! We love you too much~.
That seems super awkward. I mean, what if the Neko-Eyed boy isn't Shuno? Which is still technically still a possibility, since we haven't actually seen the Neko-Eyed boy.

Anyways, he just said another name-like-thing during sex. Day-umn.
Is it Pea's time to shine!?!? *w* I've been waiting for her story~.