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But? Buuuuuut? >_>
Also, first time commenting, I think? Love the comic ^^ Been reading for a while.
August 20th, 2013
I just started (and caught up) today. <3 At first it took getting used to for the animations, but I always loved them. It's so unique and I love it. It really sets the comic apart. <3 ^^ and I love the characters and ideas, it's very interesting!
~flail~ I don't think I've posted before, but love the comic... anyway, I JUST checked it, then went to leave, but accidentally refreshed and BAM update. XD

Edit: ALSO omg first <3
;-; I just started this... and this is the most recent page. OMG so sad that I caught up so fast.
September 29th, 2011
XD Draco's expression in panel 3. He's so damn serious it's funny... He's like "grrr go to bed! >=O"
September 25th, 2011
d'awe, the way he's all ~nudgenudge~ and totally ignored... ~snugs~
The way he' like "eeer... this one, no... this one... ~dump~" was so cute. XD

I love this comic, I always get excited to see it.
September 14th, 2011
XD I always thought they were about the same size body-wise but CLEARLY not. LoL
I don't know I ever comment much, but I just wanna say that I always look forward to your updates and always get excited to see them. <3 You made me literally laugh out loud with the cheese wheel thing.
Still voting for boytoy
After that picture I'm hoping and voting for boytoy XD

But otherwise... maybe a lizard? I giant lizard? Oooor... one of those giant fancy rats you get from the pet store?
Is it sad, the more I see that fluffy collar, the more I wanna snuggle it?
OH come hither is what he's saying. XD They're so ridiculously adorable in this page, though.
Sorry, gotta say: THAT COLLAR IS SO FLUFFEH! >=O I want it. I want to cuddle him just to cuddle his fluffiness!

On a side note: Always so cuuute. ^_^ What would he do indeed?

Also I still dunno who's hair I like most. >_> It's like "Long haaaair <3" but then there's the style... ~dies~
I can't wait to see it get goofy, cause it does seem serious. XD It always has. Either way I love it. I was a lil bored in the beginning but... god I dunno when or why but I got really into it. I always look forward to this updating.
Just curious... what nationality is Alain? XD He looks somewhat Asian-ish to me. Plus the whole 'ninja' thing.

XD Tommy looks so cute while he dies... is that bad?
His faaaace. I still love his scars...
They're so good lookin' I think I'd be happy to be /spoken/ to by them. Mmmhmmm...
H-he looks so sad... yet... somehow it makes him so much cuter. XD
Looks fancy... invite to some ball or... something?

Ooo eyes. I love eyes... @_@