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I am the beautiful, charming little kitty, Sophie~ Its a pleasure to meet you. Will you be serving lunch? I'm fond of chinese, so bring me some at once! Mew�
Those kids can't cook very well. Actually, they can cook SOME THINGS, but they probably have to try like, 5 times to get it right.
Even though I would prefer chinese food, I decided to lend a hand to that poor little puppy and help him make some very yummy soup!

And here I also give this recipe to you! Its very very good, so try it out!! Really! It's also very good for you! (*NOTE: Try and use sodium-reduced cans of chicken broth)

This recipe makes A LOT of soup, too. So you'll have plenty of leftovers. Toto and Abby were eating this soup for 4 days!
This one is so dark and creeeeepy~ Kind of "Halloween-y", right?
I don't like dark colours, but this one is pretty well done, huh? Still very cute. Probably because its me~meow
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I thought it was a tattoo at first, but its a birthmark! She has a birthmark in the shape of a four-leaf clover!! Is that why she likes them? She's lucky, all I got was a spot on my head!

Also, that shirt is too small. Its not even cute... (;-;)
Its not me!!
Somehow, I got this picture. It's Toto, if he would actually make up his mind.

I know he doesn't like it, but we are very similar. I want to stay this way a while longer, but for him, is it really necessary? Is he happy this way? I don't know. I'd ask, but he doesn't like talking to me (>-<)

I think he's cuter this way. He can't talk back to me!
I told you I'd post something awesome!
Here we go, a very easy step-by-step guide on how to draw the beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous me!

No, really. Its very easy!!
Last one
I ran all around town, but I couldn't find that chinese food place again. (;-;)

Being a stray is hard. People aren't as nice as you think!
You see, if you feed a cat, they wont leave because they know you have food, and people just don't seem to want to take them in. Well, whatever! I don't want them anyway!

I was still so young back then. But I was determined to make it on my own! I look pretty scruffy (But still cute~) so I tidied myself up and used my kitten charms to find a few places that would feed me. But I never stick around! My beauty will not be contained!

Well, this whole backstory thing was totally boring. Tomorrow I will post a whole bunch of awesome stuff, so tune in next time!!!
And here is the dumb part
So this stupid kid kidnaps me and takes me to her house, and her mom gets mad and says I'm not welcome there. Now how rude is that? I didn't ask to be brought there! I was perfectly happy where I was. so I left that rude family. People are so unwilling to give a cute little stray kitten like me a home, how tragic.
That brat!

I was enjoying a nice nap when here she comes along and kidnaps me!! how rude!!!
There was a boy there, too. I think the restaurant was a family business.
This kid was my favorite. He'd feed me my favorite foods and play with me for hours!

His apartment or something didn't allow pets, so I couldn't stay with him. But it was okay, because I saw him every day!!! It was so much fun!
My memory is a mess. So scribbly (>-<)

Ah! But this place!! I loved this place!!
It was a chinese food place! There were a lot of them in the city, but here they fed me every day! The people there were so nice!!!
Continuing backstory
Oh yeah.
This is when my family totally ditched me for some reason! That mouse wasn't even that fun.

After this I as on my own...
... No, I don't miss them...
Lookie here!
Hey, hey! Thats me as a baby! and my mama, and my siblings!
Wow... I remember that.

Does this mean I get some backstory???

Ah, but thats the last one for today, come back tomorrow for more!
Look, its little me!!!
Cute little kitten with cute little mittens! Wow, I'm so cute!!!

Lacy cloths are so adorable.
Cooler colours suit winter best, but I still like to wear light colours. Purple is my second favorite colour, next to pink. Super cute!
Winter can be both cheerful and melancholy, but the snow is so pretty either way. This is my favorite season!
Autumn is most certainly a very pretty season. bright coloured leaves are fun to play in!
I wear colours I don't usually like to wear this season, but they look so nice this time of year~ don't I look so grown-up?
Summer is nice. Well, it's okay. Actually, I really don't like it!!!
Its hot and I don't like the beach! The sand burns my toes and the water is wet!!!

But, in summer, I can still wear cute things and I still look super cute~
Spring is the rainy season. I don't like it very much, water is so dumb (>-<) But my outfit is super cute, right?
Ever since I was introduced in that silly comic "Happy Unison" I knew it was my destiny to take over and bring out it's full potential.

But making it all about me!

And NB is away for the weekend, so there is no one to stop me!

Please look forward to my updates! I'll be posting a new page every two hours from 10AM to 8PM, meow. So, my next update will be at 10AM sharp! Be sure to stop by, 'kay?