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For more Dressed For Success, see the new adventures of Alex and Walter at Just click the link at the top right!
Let's step away for a moment and check on those wacky Mafia folk!
Walter was an accountant, not a salesman. Numbers he's good with. Lying? Not so much.
We rejoin our bar fight, already in progress...
Second last issue of the original run.
Even Colt is getting in on the fight. At least no one has a bomb between their legs.
So of course, this is Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan from Star Wars. But never ones to just stop at a simple parody, we've combined them with Mr. wint and Mr. Kid from the Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever.
Yup, it's Colt Renfrew Truant Officer. What's he doing in the Peached Frog?

A very brief cameo...
See that guy beside Alex at the bar?
Peached Frog
The bar is a tribute to a Toronto pub Chris frequented that is sadly now gone. It in turn was named for an old comedy sketch. They had really good calamari and a Supertramp mix tape they played often.
Gimmie a Break! Gimmie a Break. Break me off a piece of that Iridium bar!
Peanuts, Deep Space Nine and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy gags all on one page.
That soldier/guard is based on a soldier design from Mark Oakley's Thieves and Kings.
Don't ignore your health. Little bugs can get worse.
No, I can't explain the kid in the cow suit.
And no, that's not the Millennium Falcon.