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x Snow xXx Angel x
Im not good looking but I dont really care. Im a fun person to have around but I dont like to be told what to do. As long as you keep an open mind about everything then your pretty much my friend.
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They have joints? o , o;; I have Ball Jointed Dolls. Thats awesome! Yay for BJDs. ^ , ^
God I love this comic. I read it every time I have the chance. ^ ^
xD Husa! I am in much like with Mama and Papa. lol They are the coolest. :D Cant wait for the next update. ^ - ~
Sweet! I cant wait to read more. ^ _ ~
I know what you mean, Doiha-chan! @ , @;;;

; - ; That was really sad the way that he said that. He mum and dad didnt want him?
*flales arms* Pick me! I want him! D:
I think it is very cute so far. I hope that Charon makes friends. Deian is really funny. ^ ^ I like him. :D
x3 No kiss of life? Oh well! This still ROCKS
! ^ , ^ I cant wait for the next update. ^ - ~
0 ... 0 Hot Emo looking guy is HAWT! I love the way you draw! Its a hell of alot better than me. ^ ^;
Aaah! Ed!Nooooo! T , T He will awake with just a kiss upon the lips from his sweet love. *dramatic music* The meaningful relationship between the two boys will grow. * brings a tear to ones eye* I can not wait to read more of this beautiful story of BL. 'Tis good!
x3 I cant wait to see what happens next. This is super cuteness in a small cute bottle. lol
Tashi!!!! x3 I love his hair! His clothes are really stylish. :3
Yeah, Ariko-chan. Keep going!! ^ , ^