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Laser Beam Lantern!
So uh, I'm still alive. Somehow.
Not that many of you have been curious, here's how my year went.
I was all gung-ho and back into doing comics….then the great photobucket hostage-taking happened. Even though I have minimal images linked to them here, my entire wiki went belly-up image wise.

Then I got linked on Wikipedia for an article on Enepsigos, so I was all artistically inspired cuz that was awesome

Then I got sick. Not sure with what, something flu-like.
Then summer happened, and I started going outside more like a normal person, actually trying to make a garden in my yard and whatnot.

Then I started going to a barn to help take care of some horses midsummer, and that has pretty much been my life since then. I mean, the convention I run the alley of happened as well of course, but a majority of my time has been sucked up by the love of equine-critters. (there's a mini-mule there that is so absolutely adorable, she's my buddy.) I also got a horse of my own, so I've been trying to work with her to get her to both like and respect me. She's a giant Belgian with a sassy attitude, so it usually takes all of my energy to get her to listen to me. When I come home, I'm pooped and I usually just fall on the bed and sleep.

But I'm still existing. I still gotta finish this comic, although now I'm getting to the point where I really hate my art again. Maybe it's evolving, but the size I've drawn some of the eyeballs is starting to bug me, and I love anime. We're our own worst troll when it comes to art critiquing…

And I still want to do my World Outside of Time stuff. That story has been brewing in my head since I was wee tiny.

How have you guys been?
hello there frands
a random Bonito appears randomly.
Jinx is still having a bad day.

I think I might start redrawing some earlier pages. Maybe not full chapters, but there are a few pages that I'm not really pleased with nowadays.
That and the shift between my art styles from the re-drawn first chapter to the rest seems to disinterest a lot of people.

I probably won't touch the 2nd chapter even though it's in colored pencil and the original cartoony nose-less style of art, simply cuz it was a re-draw to begin with and I still like how it looks. :>
There's some scenes in the 3rd chapter where I painted the backgrounds instead of use the photography backgrounds that I fall back on now, and I really like how those look too…so..yeah that's why it'll be random pages. -sage nod-

It's a few days late, but happy 6th birthday Pita webcomic! Lets hope I finish you before the seventh!
This is the completion of Galiena's adventures.
Jinx is having a bad day
go back a page for the actual blog entry. this is supplemental.
Galiena is experiencing the Echo, a plot device that separates your player character from the other NPC's. She hasn't experienced it before now.

It basically allows your character to see snippets of the past, most times not your own, and visions randomly hit you and incapacitate you for a few moments. It also makes your character immune to certain magical enchantments. Those with the Echo can also hear the word of the “mother”, or the primary goddess Hydaelyn. A couple of NPC's also have the Echo, but theirs manifests differently.
I haven't been posting (again) because of some home issues I've been taking care of.
A few weeks ago there was a bad windstorm that knocked out power for five days, during which the mild weather went back to being frigid. When we finally got power back, the house said "nope!" and two pipes burst in our spare bedroom's bathroom, one after the other, an hour apart.
Having an indoor waterfall in your living room isn't as magical as it may sound.
So since then some guys have been repairing the damage, and sadly my computer is set up in the living room where the flood happened (luckily on the other side of the room, so it didn't get rained on), which means I don't get to work on it for long during the weekdays as I have to cover my tower with a kitchen bag to make sure it stays safe with all the dust flying around.
Anyway, I'm getting pages done as I can, and this was the first. Nothing too exciting, but at least it's something!
Ok. -cracks knuckles-
The title of this entry is based off of an in-joke between me and my friends. Nabriales just seems like he's the type of character that would badtouch everyone.

Nabriales Info:

The Chrysalis. The first 50 seconds of this video is all you need to see. Shows the location of where this entry takes place, and gives you a good idea of Nabriales' badtouching behavior.

Tupismati was the name of a staff weilded by Archon Louisoix. He was a major character towards the end of the first incarnation of Final Fantasy XIV. While he's no longer in the storyline (not really anyway), his shattered staff remains, and apparently is still imbued with a ton of power.

Aether Travel is the game fitting in the fact that you can teleport to different locations, into the story itself.


The 'pink-haired hyur white mage' is actually my 'main' player character, visually based off of and named after Pita from my webcomic.

Lesser Ascians are the main ascians' henchmen. They appear every now and again to cause trouble, and to scout for the main Ascians. There are a number of lesser ascians assigned to each 'prime' ascian, and have generic titles like "Ascian of the 12th Chalice" to denote which prime ascian they hold allegiance to.

Taros' player really flex emotes every chance he gets. I get out of a super serious cut scene, and there he is, flexing away.
No deep explanations for this one because once again, major spoilers to the game's plot, just in the off chance someone reading this decides to go play. The aforementioned dragon is doing magicky things. Nothing good comes of it.
The hugger in the picture is Moenbryda, who comes to help you and the Scions work on the Ascian problem.

The one being hugged is Urianger and the pink clothed individual next to Galiena is Minfilia. You can find info on them on the entry "now part of a group".

Ascians are essentially shadow people(literally, they are made out of condensed shadows for the most part) who are trying to resurrect the god of darkness. You clash with three of them specifically while having a weird truce with a fourth. The first major issue you have in the game is to figure out how to destroy one, as they can take a physical host through possession, but then leave it for another when they feel the urge. Without a host they can't be touched as, again, shadows. Ironically they can't cast shadows, and that is apparently the most telling feature about them.
Aymeric is very pretty.
No info on he and Lucia just in case someone wants to play the game. They're important NPC's to the storyline.

Snowcloak is a frozen waterfall, that the heretics are using as a hideout due to its natural ice tunnels.

Heretics are people from Ishgard who have denied their strict religious teachings to worship dragons instead. As expected, the Holy See of Ishgard hates them, and they hate the Holy See. They sadly frequently terrorize Ishgard, so of course Ishgard retaliates by sending the Temple Knights after them.
Oh yeah, I may have forgotten to put in a note that Riolsa and Ichigo are "married", but Ichigo frequently goes off and gets a...uh...medical exam from Leigh, because Riolsa can't satisfy certain needs she has.
The two players behind Riolsa and Ichigo basically married their characters for the minor benefits, the mount and the special items you get for getting married in the game, so I translated that into my story as theirs being a marriage of convenience to Ichigo, with Riolsa being slightly more serious about it.
This has not been a good week. This page is off schedule because my power was knocked out right as I was finishing this up. It came back again but then other issues happened.
Info and reminders:
Normal Sylphs are green, "touched" or tempered ones are purple. They really do speak in that annoying fashion.

Tempering is when a humanoid or beast tribe falls under thrall of their primal. They live for, follow the primal's orders absolutely and die for the primal without question.

Sylphlands is a dense area of forest that the sylphs traditionally call home. Untempered sylphs were driven from it and it is now primarily populated by tempered sylphs.

Ninja is really a class in Final Fantasy XIV.

Au Ra:

Carinite is a friend's character. The absent-mindedness is not an exaggeration.

Yda: Warning, story spoilers included if you ever plan on playing FFXIV.

Since no one on the Lodestone got the jokes when I originally posted this, here they are:
Galiena feels an affinity for the kid because he's pretty much as she was when she was young.
Also, he aspires to be a Final Fantasy XIV version of Vampire Hunter D, which is why he's having Galiena call him "D" and why he likes her hat.
Finally, Galiena losing her hat was supposed to become a running gag. Mostly because I HATE drawing hats.

Other info:
Doma is a country in a continent across the sea that has fallen under Garlean rule. Refugees fled to Eorzea to try and escape the oppression. Doma is basically Japan in aesthetic, culture and naming conventions.

Voidsent are another name for demon in the game. Instead of "hell", there's the Void, where all manner of nasties live. Dark art practitioners are summoning them to the world stupidly all the time.
Mudpuppy info:

Roegadyn info:
Morbol info: