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I freaked when I saw the title. I was like WAIT WHAT ABOUT TOMMY AND DAKE!!! Then I calmed down lol
I've been missing Tommy and Dake. We're switching back to them for a while, right? And Tommy and his Daddy should reconcile. Srsly
*dies from teh cuteness that is the "criminal"*
What's with the blood on his face~!
Haha, just like me and a spider
I think it might be amnesia on both of their parts
The answer is always alcohol *nodnods*
Hooooooorus, what are you looking outta the window for?
You didn't even give him a chance, Akio! ;A;
Also, Sou needs some lessons it tact
On to other things: Poor Kuri-kun's avi. No matter how often he flips his hair, it shall forever stay in the same place
Specifically the balls? None of the penis or surrounding area will be touched, just the balls XD
That was so horrible! Cheating bastard! And poor little innocent boys ;A;
Officer Jenny, I would like to press charges on this bug retard for assault and battery as well as attempted kidnapping. He deliberately threw a pokeball at my head after trying to steal my Dragonthing.
What good is just watching! There's no fun in that!
Haha, looks like Hiddy just ran on air out the window.
I'm glad everything is straightened out, and I hope this won't be an "oh shit" moment between Hakakku and Cascavel
How about trying to do your jeans button up when you have the use of only one hand. That shit sucks. I had to ask my mom to help me, and at school, a friend of mine had to come with me so she could help me when I was done. Not fun
Bravo Darling, Bravo
I too am a grammar Nazi, but as I have experience with grammar mistakes in my own works--stories with text, no pictures like webcomics--I understand completely. There's a little thing called "human error" and no one is perfect, no matter how hard they try. For someone who practically self-taught herself English, which honestly, is a fucked up language--I am American, so I KNOW--you do very well. I commend you on your patience as well as the "interlude" you used to stand up for yourself. At first I was like "oh shit, she's gonna ream someone's ass" and then "or maybe she's going on hiatus D8 nuuuuuu" but I'm happy to see neither is the case. I hope you continue with the good work.
All my love
~Lady Dagger
Awwww, adorable.
Must....resist....kidnapping.....Must....resist....molesting....*grabby hands*
Stein is not in at the moment. He's being banged by a cop until his brains turn to mush. Please leave a message after the beep, and he'll get back to you as soon as he can feel his legs again.
He's surrounded himself with mother hens LOL
There's a whole half of a page!!
There is a sense of foreboding >.> <.<