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loved it <3
@Ledgerina: My sentiment exactly!!!
May 27th, 2017
@MalinRyden: Gud så härligt! :D Jag förstod det på efternamnet, att det var lite Italienskt påbrå ;) och mycket svenskt, då hahaha. Ni är jätteduktiga, ska bli roligt att följa serien!
May 26th, 2017
@EmmaVieceli: Omg fler talangfulla svenskar på smackjeeves? Kan det vara sant? :D
Awesomecake *_*
Kakyu, honey <3 <3 <3
January 9th, 2017
So cool! I love this comic so much *_*
January 4th, 2017
Awesome to see another update! Can't wait for the rest!

Do you use Tapastic? <3
The feels are so real <3
these two are so sweet <3
Happy birthday! <3 life gets better, just hang in there!
awww sweeties <3
awww he's so shy it's adorable <3
Straight to the point and no bullshit, as always xD
December 1st, 2016
yay! :D <3
November 22nd, 2016
whoa, sexy scary
@Brenna-Ivy: Cool! There's just something about your grammar that reminded me of my own. Love your comic <3
Rest up good and be back soon <3
Are you Swedish? :)
awww <3 <3