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...Pcha. Yes. And AnimexManga
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vuv I might have a new design for Haiiro. Hmm..
B) Here you go, quality lineart.
Shitty coloring.
Yeee, wow i actually did this pretty quick..

I should make a page, since I have an tiny idea for my page.
Since I haven't uploaded anything in forever, I decided to make this horribly done sketch of Haiiro today. Since I finished a English Dub of Matryoshka, I wanted to draw Haiiro in what would be her outfit. Which, the oppisite of her hair, I decided her outfit would be pink and a jacket somewhat like Miku's. vuv

:'D I hope that we can get this started up again soon! I've really improved a lot since I've been here, I think, so this would make the perfect excuse to try out my style in comic pages!
vuv Okay I'll take up the next spot after Kiwifi.

Meantime I guess I'll draw some Haiiro pic ouo
Oh god... I'm so sorry for not paying attention to this! D: I'll start working on my page tomorrow >n< Since right now it's about time for me to go to bed :U
*Flips table*

JKDLSJFGSD I want to post a page. Now. I got a scanner in my possesion, so now I don't have to try to draw without my tablet and on a laptop..

Totally, I'm next, I'm making this happen.
@Manga-Ka: XDD I don't have a VB yet... I'm still in the middle of recording all of the notes ouo; But then I got a new laptop so now I have to download UTAU again and re-do the notes that I had x3x I shall make one someday, though >:U
@Manga-Ka: Yes, same here <33 This song means so much to me! XD
AMG! D: I haven't updated here in so long, and I kind of miss this place! NO! I miss it a lot. >:U Since Ella hasn't posted, and the limit was two days, and she hasn't for nearly two month, do you think we can skip her? I'm realy excited over this collab comic! D: And instead of me doing the next page, in case we do skip Ella, think we can have you do the next page, FireGlaceon? 3: Lolkontothedescription

I've improved in my drawing AND coloring since last time I posted on here! :) Probably one of my first GOOD full-body poses XD Along with my first one of someone balancing on top of a ball!

:D It's also my first pro picture in SAI Paint tool! Just got it the other day, a friend helped me out with getting it! :) I've been moving lately and haven't seen him in a while, hope he's okay. D: But here's Haiiro again! I haven't drawn her in so long, which kind of makes me sad! D: So I did, playing the song that represents both of us as I drew this. Of course, it's Pierrot by Hatsune Miku. I refer the cover by Senka more then the original though, because it's a real person's voice. And it has more feeling, and more emotion. But I've planned to use this song for a bit now, but here it is! You should check them out! .u.

Original - Hatsune Miku :

Cover - Senka :

Lol I got so far behind... Luckily I was at chapter 4 and worked up to here. :D Good thing I'm driving across the country!
Looks like you forgot to erase those numbers again! :o
Wait... late comment is late...

*Blown away by Virus*
So... cool... ;o
D: I actually was just waiting for Ella so that I could draw out my page~ But she never did ;( But yes, school was a problem. But oh my... A Korean Vocaloid? :D Sounds interesting, this is my first time hearing of her. ELLA. GO MAKE A PAGE SO THAT WE CAN LIVE AGAIN <3
I'll take. Page 55? XD
Words words and more words. Bambam.

I drew a page. Next person! D<
Kiwi. Stop making my face melt with your awesome art. It takes a long time for it to freeze back in the freezer >:U

Good Job XD
lD Sexy mature Haiiro, ftw~ <3

Okay, so soon I'm going to make a English Duet with my younger sister(Who is 9 XDD) of Magnet. Along with a duet version of Love is War. We're still not sure with what is first, but most likely Love is War. But I made a YT Channel for us both to sing and do our own songs, because with this one project I made her obsessed with Vocaloid. And since she really wanted to do Magnet, I told her we would do that next owo I'll put links at the end of this. But right now before I do any of that, I'll make myself a single singing/dubbing/dueting YT account for myself so that I can put my own songs on there that I sing alone. I'll also make a Background for me and my sister's account, along with making her Voclaoid OC. Almost got it done, but might be done with it tomorrow. I'll also make a English 'Sing with Me' thing so that anyone on here can sing with me~ Along with doing a 'Sing with Me' duet with the dubber, Razzy, on YT. Along with I'll put both Magnet pairs of Haiiro and my Sis's vocaloids, and Haiiro and Razzy's. See ya soon~! owo

Youtube, HaiiroAndHotaru;
Youtube, Razzyness*His 'Sing with Me' magnet*;
Youtube, ChibiGrau*My singing Account*;

Nothing is really added to both of my accounts(HaiiroAndHotaru and ChibiGrau)yet, so yea ._.

Along with I wanted to show you all Haiiro/My voice; Which I was stupid and edited my voice just to make the robotic effect,And mumbled in jap, and its my old account so yeah. NOW, I say farewell. XD
XDD Omfg... Thats so awesome and cool and... FFFFF

So yesterday I was bored and wanted to draw something traditional. So I did. I didn't know what else to draw, so I drew Ara~ ^^ I would scan it if I had a scanner, but a webcam was all I had ;D; And drawing him is so fun <33 Maybe I'll draw Akari next lD

Made with Pencil, Color Pencil, and Sharpie c: And with some erasing. XD