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This is just my SmackJeeves acount.
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    Dr. Amarkus Grayon Vile
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I hope Atty becomes a rocket member.
Well that doesn't look good.
I'm surprised that I'm still a part of AQoC. I haven't submitted a page in weeks. So here's a quick page.
Doctor Vile: Well Clockwork, if you ever need help building a spouse for yourself your free to ask me for help. I am quite experienced in creating reploids and have made countless of them before. Again you are free to ask me anytime, all I require for trade is knowledge that I have not yet attained.
I've been real busy all week so this will have to do. sorry.
Ah Ranbull is indeed wise. He knows how the world works it seems. I'm already starting to like him.
Ah, so I was wrong. I apologize for my incompetence.
@Shard:I'm not 100% sure who "Blanc" is. If I had to make an educated guess, it would be the being whom is seen speaking to Rena in a previous post of yours.
"To this day it [hunt] me..." is that a typo?
Here is a first for me. A whole family page. Enjoy.
Well I'm boned. I don't know that many actors names.
Psychotic and love children... Why does this make me think that Bellemii and Mary would get along quite well... I shudder to think of what would happen if they met.
Welcome Apple.

Dr.Vile: A detective huh, I tried to get my daughter Bellemii arrested once. I had to reimburse all the families of the brave men and women who lost their lives dealing with her. Now I just lock her up myself when she goes on murderous rampages. This way no one dies.

Bellemii: We do enjoy ourselves sometimes don't we Hades.

Hades: You f***ing bet we do.
I hope this clears this up.

Elizabeth is good.
Bellemii is evil.
Dr.Vile is neutral.
Elizabeth thinks Dr.Vile is evil.

Hope this clears things up a little.
So she can move her arms... Huh.
Its because of his sons torturous fate that he doesn't get close to anyone any more. Its so he does't repeat what happened to David. Also the reason he tears up when he speaks about his son is because the "incident" happened when he was still human so human emotions are still attached to those memories.

Elizabeth knows nothing of David. Bellemii is just bat-shit crazy and doesn't really care. Hell she even thinks David fate is amusing.
Here is a bit of history on Doctor Vile. Look it is not a single panel page. Plus Sandy didn't do any damage to my area so I was able to make a page after all. YAY!

Before you say anything, Doctor Vile knows tha dangers of time travel and would never do it for selfish reasons.
I might not make a comic this week. Hurricane Sandy is gonna knock out our power for about 3 to a week, maybe more. So I may or may not be able this week.