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Heys! I'm Celestial!

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I really love all of the charaters, and I couldn't pick a favorite, but I personally like White Noise simply because of the fact it's unique; its about a not-so-ordinary girl who still is able to make friends which I find great. White Noise also has loveable charaters and a intresting plot, making it one of my most favorite shoujo mangas ever ^^
To be honest, I certainly didn't expect this. This totally shocked me, lol
So is this 'Tim' guy part of the Zodiac too? If he is, I bet he's the dog (since the dog always seems to be perverted)
It could be better
This comic is pretty good, however, it would be ALOT better if for 1, you chose an oringnal plot. This comic kinda follows along to the 'real' sailor moon plot...which makes it too predictable. And 2, if you cleaned up the art alittle bit and touched up the lines.

will be waiting for an update ^_^