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If you wanted to make the point and not have it feel cheap, you could have had Atticus flail for a bit while Thad dodges like an Agent of the Matrix. Then have Atty just slump to his knees out of breath. Maybe Thad's secretly a fighting type. That would be neat. Dark wasn't a thing in this setting, was it? >_>
Okay, now you're just being ridiculous. One swing and he's out of breath while pumped on anger and adrenaline? I don't believe it for one second.
I'm tellin' ya, a one armed man with a hand holding something that's not a weapon. Atty wouldn't have to try hard at all to just tackle and start bashing his face in with his free hand. I think Atty might have been pushed far enough to do SOMETHING besides stand there like he's as helpless as an infant.

Even if there it was in The Rules that he had to accept a pokemon battle challenge from Atticus, a fellow Rocket, in a world with someone willing to pull a gun, challenging him to a pokemon battle would be suicide, because I doubt he'd play by The Rules when no one is there to stop him.
He's not WIELDING the gun, and he has ONE arm. You stop that arm, you stop the gun. Doesn't matter if he's a chain smoking teenager. Leverage is a thing.
Dude. Atticus. Take a hint from your pokemon.
He's kidnapped your best friend. He's held you at gunpoint in the past. He's blackmailing you. But at the moment, he's got his one arm held out in expectation of you putting a pokeball in his hand. Break. His. Arm. Take. His. Gun.