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Just wanted to say that I really love your comic. Great work!

o 3 o
I really do adore this comic.

Great work.
Always so wonderful to see an update.<3
I really adore this comic.

Great job!
You really have done such an amazing job on this comic. I adore it and look forward to more.

Great job!
I notice you use the name 'Taisuke' allot. xD

Added, in case you ever make more. ^__^
I love your comic, you're amazing.<3
Whenever I look at this page it makes me giggle. xD
This comic is too good to stop anytime soon...please consider continuation of this amazing story.
Avery, don't be mean.
It's a great comic and so things turned a certain way, doesn't make it any less of a great comic.

I am looking forward to seeing more of this comic, I think it's so well done! And I hope Sacha the best and that everything will work out in the end.
Fff, the pages won't show.
I don't think I trust this..
That man is beyond horrible.
Poor little guy, I hope he just passed out and will be alright.
No, guys, this is really sad. I feel bad for the poor boy.
Hm, why do first comments matter so much?

But anyways, I'm hoping the best for this situation. It would be great if at least one parent would be supportive.
I was wondering
Do you have a deviantart?
He's picking up broken glass. o A o
Very adorable
I love this allot so far, so cute~