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Miss you!
Hey i hope everything is going ok in your life. We all miss the comics and will keep checking in! You should post a status update for us just so we know your ok!
I think the opposite of a paradox is called sophism...
Or chicken Ramen!
Im a reptile guy myself but after them i prefer cats and larger dogs. Its fun having a larger lizard cuddle up to you for warmth :)
His is like mine! It hasnt been bare in years lol
Steve Jobs was a great man. And the day after he died, My mac wouldn't run right, My ipod wouldn't start up past the apple logo, and my server shut right down. It really was a sad day.
You guys wouldnt be going to Youmacon in detroit would you?
Anyone else think stalker cat in the first 3 panels?
You can miss a day every now and then, just do 2 the next day!
I blinked when it said blink.... so its a tie?
thats so adorable =^-^=
lol, we have bunnies in our yard all the time eating the squirrel food, they amuse me so...
At least with the rain cloud it will fill up again quickly :)
Thats amazing :) I hope you two live out an awesome adventure together :) I'll be following along with the comic and will wish you a very happy birthday Rori's husband :) and on a last note congrats on 200 strips!
I would be on a yelling rampage as well, My gf parked her car in the wrong lot one night and they gave her two tickets for it because the day had changed so it was like $40!
Lol i would do that if only one of us could dance lol
lol We actually cooked mini pizza's in my old high school class with the sun and a parabolic lens lol. We also cooked marshmallows with them as well :)
Congrats! My girlfriend and myself have been reading every update almost as you post them :) its kind of a daily race lol, if you ever come near the thumb of michigan please let us know, we would love to meet you and your husband!
Waking sleep
It takes something like that to get my girl to wake up as well lol, only it usually isn't shaving my head but i may have to try it one day...