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Sarcastic, humorous, relatively friendly unless you annoy me. That is all. :)
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Atty's becoming more expressive? :O He's semi-smiling. And now he's using actual question marks? O.o
August 20th, 2011
This looks awesome. :D Please allow me to be the first to say congrats on getting a site for your comic. Been following the comic since you started posting it on devArt, so this is really cool to see. I can't wait to see where it goes. ^_^
Aww... In the first panel Atty actually kinda looks like a kid for once. A kid that smokes, but still. :) And DT is cute as ever. Love them both. <3
A sarcastic reply involving the world "ember". :P
Of course poor DT hasn't learned Ember. Atty's completely ridiculous and inept at training, and DT would need more than a stupid metapod to give it the motivation to learn Ember.
@ Nobody in particular (Guest)
Seems plausible, but then why would they talk as if they don't know it's their past selves? Hmm. Something to consider I guess. :/
Does anyone else think that the two (random?) adults look slightly like older versions of Atty and the girl?