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lets just say i love anime and manga and i love to draw <3
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that last panel just made me smile so much its just to damn cute >w<
ive been in this sort of situation before...xD
@JigokuNeko: thank youuuuuuuu :3
omg this just made my birthday a million times better!!! *gushes until i am only a puddle of happiness*
back in the land of feels my heart withers away
;A;...FEELS JUST SO MANY FEELS AHHHHH gave my roommate more reasons for me to choke her *looks at her comment on this page* I WILL END HER!!!
July 4th, 2013
i will follow this comic forever >3<
honeymoon suite= 1 bed >w< (atleast i would think so ffffff poor ilona)
...I feel like he is like 5 seconds away from telling her to get back in the kitchen XD
...alls i can think when i see this is 'dat rat' XD <3
jabvijkdfbvijsdhvb vjdbfkjfvjawsncklerhngnkedfbgnkefvkmnsdgvjkdf *flails all over page* YOU JUST MADE MY DAY OMFG I JUST WANT TO HUGGLE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS PAGE AND IT DOES NOT HELP THAT I AM HYPER AND HAVE A CAPS LOCK BUTTON OMFG <3
omg kurooooooooo ;A; why you be so god damn SEXY?!?!?!?! O3O
hehe <3
maybe this is kurogawas wet dream...? ;)
giant milk...from the giant cow...yes
hehe saw it coming but still :)
oh children you better run xD
lolz if this had happened to me i would have whirled around and grabbed that kid so fast she wouldn't even be able to make a sound before her parents got called lol part o me wants to feel kind of bad for the little shit though :P
this either going to go in a very amusing direction...or its going end rather badly for those kids xD lol
awwwwww louis say something you fool! also love the charms they are all super cute :3
lolz party in the bathroom?! XD
i love it when he gets flustered it's so cute >w<