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More like Poke-slaughter lol
And thus the forest was filled with Ghost types.
NEW(ish) AREA!! :D Yay!!

George, it's survival of the fittest... I know that you really wanted that Pikachu and now they're all dead but just leave it in the past LOL

I like how dramatic this is getting.
Previous Page
I remember him saying on Page 60 "No one's interested in someone who wants to..." so I'm guessing that whatever it is he wants to do is in his backpack and leaving that behind would be unbearable to him.
Oh the Bugs...
"Why am I such a draw to hordes of insects?"
This made me laugh XDD All I could think of was the montage of beedril chases in the show
Love to Lone Caterpie!
LOL Poor Thanatos... never gets booze does he? lol
I think you forgot a "r" in Underagers.
I was just about to question the same thing as LINH(Guest) until I realized it was already asked XDD
Hermes is so cute riding that sheep there ^^
Post Maidens
I love the post maidens LOL
And I really want that poster in the background XDD
I like the way you cut off to show the delivery of the mail, it reminds us that Melody had mail sent (which I honestly forgot until this point) and that it probably is a significant plot point (or atleast it keeps us wondering what's going on with it)
When Apollo says "Is it save to bring him here?"
"save" should be "safe"
Baby Hermes is so cute ^-^
Aww she has such a cute laugh!! ><
I bet Chugen's gonna love her laugh lol
Yes the first crime spree they will encounter and thusly so, VANQUISH! Go FML! Save the universe (aka Chugen's sister)!
And this is what starts Zeus' playboy-ism XDD He will want moar LOL
OMG Riona bent that spoon with her mind!! :O lol Her phsycic powers awaken when food is taken from her XDD
Jun is suck a jerk taking her icecream D:
Best. Poster.Ever.
Back Bumps
I use to think that Metapod's back bump was suppose to be it's nose LOL
I love that last panel. I wanna see what Atty will do next!
Poor Chakin(aka Sir Russel), he's totally gonna get it from Shichi :( lol
I love the suspenders XDD
Did you just quote "Friday"? XDD Nice, I salut you lol
I think that's how I hold my pencil too! XDD
Just really wanted to say that lol
Ooh I'm excited to read all of this! Creepy person in the last panel is funny.
I just want to point out some typos, though.

"...every fairy tales..." get rid of the "s" on "fairy tales"
"It really do only..." replace "do" with "does"
"...met with this lifetime..." put "in" between "with" and "this"
"They tell you promises but then breaks it" should be "They tell you promises but then they break them"
Hope that is helpful :)
I can just imagine George being super impressed by Atty once he says that he has trained a Pokemon to attack on it's own lol

George: Wow! You must be a great trainer if your pokemon can do attacks all by themselves 8D No one else is able to do that!

Atty: Yeah... I'm fantastic...

I forgot to take a drink *glug* lol
I'm so happy to see this update! :)
The girl on the left has a cute expression lol And it's really hard not to expect that the person on the right is a guy XD
The fools! Those snakes were a distraction! D:
Poor Makoto :( I'm getting ahead of myself, but still lol
LOL Bugcatcher is foiled again. By Atty AND his socks/sandals combination XDD