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I like drawing :)
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Backpack first, then girl. Rules of life.
Poor backpack. Backpack needs a hug.
Top Mutha Fucking Percentage MANNNNNNNNN.
PS: You spelled "Tackle" wrong on panel 31 :O
Atleast it gets rid of Hustle when it evolves XU. Btw have you tried waiting until the grass tumbles to catch a pokemon, you get rare pokemon from it :U *A.K.A. Elemental Monkeys, Audino, Emolga.*
Faved for the making fun of Silver's hair.
August 22nd, 2011
HEADSHOT (Unless he basically doesn't have a head since he's a square...)
I'm so into nuzlocke now that when you said butterfree I thought of Petty's Lulu *-*

Unless that Shroomish turns into a sexy ass whooping Breloom.
Bugg type gym coming in your way, make sure you got that Woobat ready. :I (And make sure you get some antidotes :U)
You do know that Bide does nothing,if the user was never hit right? :I
"Enter ridiculously long comment"
Well not much people do hgss nuzlockes. My rom luckfuly didn't crash when I beat Whitney's ass, soooooo. I do like plot/story a lot, but humor is a good like able quality to have. I say that maybe long pages might be best, since most people seem to do it and also it seems to sum up the parts in the comic. Sorta like Kynim's run :I. So yeah. Got nothing else |D.
Can't wait until she's an epic Liligant *-*. My old one used to kick butt, but I started a new game XU.
We lub you Charu18. And also Cpt. Awesome for making the comic also. :3
Mimi evolved because she has high happiness *-* Btw you should get the TM Return, in Nimbasa City, and have Mimi learn it since it's power is based on how happy the pokemon is. *-*.
I just restarted my Pokemon White game... FML.