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Because an old woman selling apples in the middle of nowhere, is SO plausible!
Because eeeeveryooone believes the strange guy from nowhere. -.-
Here ya go! :la: I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this, and was first the blood and sweat of <s>forever</s> hours. :XD:

I liked Becky as a character so she gets a costume too, albeit misplaced I may say. :XD:

Dayum, I clean forgot about posting the comic, sorry. XD
I always questioned little Red riding hood's eyesight.
I always questioned Little Red Riding Hood's unnatural ability to not be scared of wild animals that could possibly eat you. =/
Bears can eat people. Especially bratty little kids who eat their porridge and sleep in their bed. =P
It was actually harder to do the sketchy part, than the nicely coloured part. XD
Okay, so he had a real horse in the book. But I could not resist adding the toy horse.

Kudos to whoever gets the reference in the last panel.

Also, these guys are two new characters. One is called Stick and the other is called Pumpkin. Both are brothers.

Pumpkin (The thin guy) got his name from the fact that he liked pumpkins. And Stick, (The rotund guy) got his name from liking to beat trees with sticks. XD

If they look similar, that's because Pumpkin is Billy's uncle, and Stick is Bob's father.
This is Anastasia's brother, Richard.

He is just as vain as her, but not as mean, and has wicked puppy eyes. XD
I was going to add colour, but it looked a little off. =/

Anyway, "Romeo and Juliet" belongs to Shakespeare.
The character you see on the right is a girl called Becky, but is frequently referred to as Bucky because of her teeth. XD

Normally she has two buck-teeth, but she *removed* one. (Don't ask me the science behind that. XD)

I always found the witches brewing scene in Macbeth to be quite comical. XD
Oh Romeo, you chicken. XD

But YEAH! Welcome to Season Two of The Oddities! This season will star all the mistakes, problems, that classical characters made. I hope you enjoy it! :dummy:

I learned that those medieval nobleman feather hats are ridiculously fun to draw. XD

Romeo and Juliet- Shakespeare

Comic, Mike, Anastasia- Me

PS: I also shall only be posting comics twice a week, on Monday and Friday. (:
@suphawker: I am glad you are enjoying it. 8D

I am not going to stop, I am just going to try and freshen it up and refine it a little more. (:
@smash: Don't worry, I am not going to stop with the comic, I am just freshening it up. 8D

But thanks for your comment anyway, it brightened my day. 8D
For a week or two, I have felt myself becoming less interesting in TO, and I believe that my comics have been getting less funny all the time.


That does not mean I am stopping. The Oddities will continue, but this time it will not be about Pet Peeves, it will be about- *spoiler*


On the tenth day, look to the east, and you shall see the sun rise.....And hopefully a new TO comic posted on Smackjeeves.

Here is to a new season! :la: *hands out lemonade*
September 5th, 2011
Congratulations on being the last person to figure that out Billy. XD
September 2nd, 2011
He just wants the rubber ducks. XD
Herp-de-derp, Billy, try and express yourself properly. >:C