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Heres the story of why I didnt make the flash sooner.

SO there I was, by the ocean finishing my awesome flash authertasicmation,(WITCH WAS ALMOST 5 GB BTW!!!) When LAND SHARKS ATTACKED!!!! IM NOT JOKING! They were everywhere(I even saw one guys head asplode) so I grabbed all the soap I could and ran to my sotel room, and waited for a week. Surving only by eating soap and TV's. The land sharks waited outside my door for a year(I can compress time because I can).So I jumped out the window because the elevator in the building was broken (So it looked like I had to jump). but then when I was falling down, A PORTAL TO HELL APPEARED OUTA NO WHERE! so i'm like, "..." and I fell in. Then, while I was falling in the portal, Satin appeared and said “YOU SHALL BE SEND TO FIERY CANDY LAND!" and I was like “no". And he was all, "O RLY?", and I was like, "YA RLY!" and satin said, "how about some hot peppers, BAM!" me:AHHH!!!!!
And then I appeared in FIERY CANDY LAND! And the flaming gingerbread man jumped on me. I burned to a crisp. Then, I reincarnated as a book about politics(or hillbillies, I couldn’t tell.) then someone read me a lot and I jumped out of the book in a liquid form. I then drooped into the sewers for a fort night. Then, I went through the 1337 GATE! AND TURNED INTO 1's AND 0's! SO I traveled through the tubes, back to my computer and worked on a new flash. With 5 min. To spare, I pulled together a crapy flash animation and uploaded it.

And THATS why I was late

stuipid land sharks......
I get a gold star! ^^
the horror...