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Occupation : Software analyst and developper (and full time geek)

Hobbies : Reading (novels, comics and mangas), writing, digital drawing, video games, watching movies and TV series, walking, occasional hand crafting

Likes : Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, mangas, japanimations, World of Warcraft, plushies, figurines, animals and anthro
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    Johanne Marcoux
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Interesting guy! XD
Nice outfits (both of them).
If I may...

The first sentence of the last french bubble would be:

"Elles ont bien le droit de voir leurs ravisseurs."

"Elles ont" instead of "Elles on"

"ravisseurs" instead of "capteurs".

Capteur is only used for objects like a "capteur de rĂªves" (dreamcatcher) or a "capteur solaire" (solar cell)
November 19th, 2013
Hahaha! XD
LOL! Meat Loaf!
@Rip at work: You're not supposed to tell us they didn't replace the corpse with someone else and hid Rani somewhere else! You know, readers fantasizing! XD
November 4th, 2013
I would say fire but it's a lot of collateral damage...

A giant club maybe?
@MetalPorSiempre: We only saw a burnt corpse. It might be Rani... It might be not! This thing looks like a huge setup.
I was wondering about the cat... :D
@Rip the Hunter: XD

Just a feeling they upgraded their "Nebula Vortex" technology. Or testing the new version perhaps?

Your comic brings me the same feelings I had with the more elaborated sc-fi series like Dune and Babylon 5. :D
Now I'm wondering if the miasma has something to do with the Eidolon...
Good introduction. I'm still interested and intrigued.
Hehe! XD Cats will be cats!
And this is where you lost your doujin fan girls! :D

And get my attention! XD
I love Latheroux's outfit!
Ah! A woman who looks like a woman (and not a 12 old years child!) XD
September 24th, 2013
She seems more capable than him to face whatever hides behind those curtains XD
September 16th, 2013
@mindwarper11 It seems that creators often think the reader/watcher/gamer can only relate to humans...
No singing! No singing! You... mermaid...