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I'm just a dude that likes playing video games, reading books, and doin' all sorts o strange shenanigans on the internet.

game interests: the pheonix wright/gyakuten saiban series, megaman franchise, legend of Zelda franchise, and the Kingdom Hearts series.

friend codes:

Yugioh 5D's:stardust accelerator-5157 3339 6676 "John"

Naruto Path of the ninja 2- 0948 1050 5735 "Shadic"

Mario Kart: DS-0432 6570 9230 "shad"

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin- 1205 2093 5000 "shadic565"

I had a Piccolo avatar way before it was cool. or at least before apa did.
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I can write poems too.
Theres just no way that we can win, her game was a masterpiece! She played too well because she lied to all of their faces!
Dammit tofu listen! She's gonna take the win and leave, but we're lucky cuz' I have these - tapes of her acting like a total bitch!
Cherman... We've been through so much shit.
(was used as a beach ball and man, that was sick!)
Now it's time to blow this fucker doooowwn!
Wasn't there a response from him almost exactly like this?
@Blue-Senoire: I wish smackjeeves had a liking feature.
Cherman's totally going to finals. I mean, its not like swsu is known for doing complete 180's with our expectations.
Them being neck and neck really made the challenge "heat up"! Amirite? :D
WAAAAY better love story than twilight.
It's atlas, p-body, a companion cube, or they gave GLaDoS a mobile body. I'm hoping for GLaDoS.
And Reality smacks them square in the face, as it should.
But they can go to android hell, which we at aperture science would like to remind you, is very, VERY real.
In my head I saw Heinz flip his torch in his hand and stock it into the fire like a badass
@qazox: Especially from that GLaDoS! She seems very nice! /sarcasm
@Matty777: Oh my gosh, that's a great idea! How will he do that?
@qazox: or they become buddy cops :D!
Huh. I was expecting a reveal, but here's bonnie doing blah blah blah Oh well.
remember the coconut on tdi?
I'm convinced that starr's a lesbian for no reason.