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Sentia: Don't follow me!!

Sentia: *keeps following her same route anyway, exactly where she doesn't want to be followed to, in full view of Lindina and Toji*

Sentia: ...

Sentia: I don't really know how I envisioned that working out for me.
Aaaa I love Resso I'm so glad he's back! :D

And your 30th birthday, so exciting!! >w< How was it??
My first thought after seeing that last panel was "she is about to bite his fingers like a sandwich." There is no explanation for this other than the fact that I am a terrible person. XD;
Lol, "do you know what time it is?" Shal is the dad friend, confirmed. Also, I love his sparkly eyes in that last panel! *w*
Aw, Shio makes me think of ramen, but this baby is too cute to be ramen. You missed a valuable opportunity for the kitty to make that adorable little "prrrup?" trill noise in the third panel there. I have mentally inserted it for you. XD
And then Toji swoops in to save the day, forgets to change out of his mouse form, and is squished beneath Sentia, helping no one and in fact actually making things worse. XD

Happy new year!!
Yeah, you tell her! Now punch her in her smug face and RUN!!
AAAA I love! The! Toning!! @w@ Just look at that Sentia!! Wow! 8D
Man, I'm really loving all the fun toning in this page! It can almost distract me from worrying about wtf's happening with the characters! XD;
I realize this is a serious, dramatic scene, but.... it's just a little adorable that Adan assumed he had just randomly developed a headache for no reason. >w>; "Boy this mortal thing sure is a trip, huh? ...oh wait"
*Looks at sketch* Haha, that's a cute joke.

*Looks at page* BUT WAIT IT'S EVEN MORE WILD THAN THAT WTF??? Ahaha, this was definitely not what I expected. My mind-reading powers are ruined!!
I really like how you did the bird-to-human transition here! The feathers and magicky effects are really neat. :D

So is Kashir's other eye completely colorless, like just plain white, pupils and all? The difference does look striking even in black and white! :3
Step 1: Use badass magic to teleport into tree.
Step 2: Construct tree fort.
Step 3: Place "NO WIMPS ALLOWED" sign, effectively barring everyone from the tree fort since everyone is a wimp in comparison to Sentia.
Step 4: ...Pout.
This cover is just so great. <33 It also just occurred to me that the title makes it seem like Sentia found out that we the audience "intruded" on her backstory and now she's PISSED. We're gonna get WRECKED.
This is so cool! I wanna know more about Neiran and why she did what she did. :O And hey, now that we've learned more about Sentia's past, it's wild how her situation and that of silvereyes from SD are pretty much variations on a theme. How did we do that completely independently from one another??

I kinda already know but I can't resist a direct request like this, so... how did your vacation go? :D
I read the entire page and started tearing up at this beautiful moment, moved by Toji's loyalty and companionship and the start of this excellent friendship between two of my favorite characters...

And then I read the author comment and burst out laughing. XDD
In that last panel, Sentia realized what her wish would be: to get a sweet animal form like everybody else. XDD
Man, I'm getting really into all this neat lore and stuff. So excited to hear more about Sentia's deal at long last! :3 Have we heard the name Neiran before?

Also, maybe the similar game style you're thinking of is Bravely Default? Not sure if you played that one.
Aw, man. Adorable in one panel and delivering a badass line in the next?? What more could you ask for in a character, really? >w<