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This is so cool! I wanna know more about Neiran and why she did what she did. :O And hey, now that we've learned more about Sentia's past, it's wild how her situation and that of silvereyes from SD are pretty much variations on a theme. How did we do that completely independently from one another??

I kinda already know but I can't resist a direct request like this, so... how did your vacation go? :D
I read the entire page and started tearing up at this beautiful moment, moved by Toji's loyalty and companionship and the start of this excellent friendship between two of my favorite characters...

And then I read the author comment and burst out laughing. XDD
In that last panel, Sentia realized what her wish would be: to get a sweet animal form like everybody else. XDD
Man, I'm getting really into all this neat lore and stuff. So excited to hear more about Sentia's deal at long last! :3 Have we heard the name Neiran before?

Also, maybe the similar game style you're thinking of is Bravely Default? Not sure if you played that one.
Aw, man. Adorable in one panel and delivering a badass line in the next?? What more could you ask for in a character, really? >w<
Joke's on you, turtle, Sentia is ALWAYS ENRAGED. >:c
WHOA I was not expecting a turtle! With ribbons!!

I will admit, when I originally looked at this page on my tiny phone screen right before I went to bed last night, I thought the turtle had a bizarre two-toned mustache in the last panel instead of that being his mouth. That plus the ribbony things made me think "wow what a fancy turtle!"

I have now realized the error of my ways. >//>;
"I'm alive?!" *removes hand* "Nope, must be dead, no way I would've willingly put on a dress in any lifetime." XD
This turned out great! Dem hands! @w@

Also, I don't know that you really need a weird warning when the chapter cover page features a tiny maybe-Sentia in a huge mysterious person's hands. XD
YES, GOOD. This pleases me.

*Attempts to position Lan's arms around Sunny* H-how does this even work with the wings?
Man, I really love that dramatic lighting in the next to last panel, there. :D And I like how the characters are so much smaller than you normally draw them in that panel to emphasize the "empty" feel.

If Sunny doesn't give Lan a hug in the next page, there will be riots. >:O
Ah yes, the age-old practice of writing treatment notes in the dead of night in your pajamas, long after you should be asleep. Sunny is legit. XD
Well, that hand is gorgeous, so I would hardly call your hands weird. :3 Hmmm, so is that Sunny's hand?

Also, I never realized felangell leave trails of magic as they fly. I'm stupidly amused by this. XD;
Oh no! Tasteful cut to hide the fact that Lan just felt so awful he threw up right on the spot... Maybe on Nai. Just sayin'.

I'm really pumped to get to see Kei again! :D
This looks great!! I wasn't expecting this news to be the double page spread, but I think it works well for this. Especially since you have a convenient space there for the middle page gutter. I feel like a lot of double page spreads have SUPER IMPORTANT ACTION in the middle, which you practically have to tear your book apart to see properly. Shouldn't be a problem here, though!

Poor Lan hasn't even processed what he's hearing yet, huh. D;
Whoa, I love this! Beautiful coloring on those fingers and fingernails! <3

The title makes me worry for what's to come for these two! :< Although hilariously, I misread the title as "ashtray" at first. XD;;;
Toji: "....Lindina, did you somehow miss the part where she was MURDERING CHILDREN???"

I really love this page. I also realized Lindina is giving this passionate, dramatic speech to a tiny mouse, and it amused me more than I care to admit. >w>;;
Only Sentia's archenemy can break the anger-trance?! I really like Myaka in that first panel. I think maybe it's the neat shading for his mouth?

Lindina is telling Sentia not to push the boys, 'cause they're both gonna fall over like dominoes in the next page, huh. You don't have to tell me. I know I'm right. ;)
That blood on Lindina's lip isn't from the smack to the face--it's from that sick burn Sentia just laid down!! There is no way Myaka's gonna let Sentia get away with all this, is he?! Sorry, I'm getting a little too hyped for all the drama... XD;;

This is sooo irrelevant to the rest of this comment, but I have to point out that Resso looks completely adorable in that first panel. >w>;

When we were talking about ideas for punch sound effects, I had no idea LINDINA of all people would be the recipient! And jeez, Lindina, you literally have seen firsthand the powerful magic Sentia controls. Why in the world would you tempt fate by pissing her off like this??