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Ahaha, I'm always so amused by how these two just CANNOT get along. XD Myaka being all "how DARE you try to relate to me, GTFO" and then Sentia's blush intensifying in response... good stuff! >:3
This feeling... IT'S LOVE--okay sorry, I'm done. >w>;

I really like Sentia's sparkly eyes in that last panel, aaa! She can't take all this concentrated cute in the room.
Aaaaa unexpected cuteness! >w< As much as I love Myaka's reaction here, I have to say that the adorable Sentia faces in the first three panels are my favorite on this page, especially that annoyed/suspicious third panel there. Love it!
Toji's so adorable, as always. ;w; On a somewhat related note, I'm always so impressed how you can keep him about the same size from page to page. If it were me, one day he'd be his usual small and adorable size and then suddenly on one page he'd be MICROSCOPIC for NO REASON. XD;; It's a good thing you're drawing this and not me!
Aw, Resso's so sweet! ...In the first panel, anyway. XD;

I still really love that big Lindina panel. She needs a hug. :<
Aw, poor Lindina. ;_; I really like how her little speech here ties directly into what she was talking about when we first met her in chapter one! Wait, does that mean she has this kind of guilt about her parents, too? D;

Lindina, don't worry because you are clearly about to be picked up and flown through the air, just like last time the "paf" sound effect was used. I can dream, anyway. XD;
That poster is the best. So is that bunny on the bed! But I have to admit that it amuses me that none of the beds in Serrynia have headboards. XD

That last panel of Resso is so cute and heartbreakingly sweet. :C
Oh man, Resso is so stinking cute! >w<

Ahhh is it time for an outfit change? :D Or is Resso randomly in possession of yellow polo shirts and blue skirts?? XD
Augh the expressions on this page are so pretty! And I love the shading on that first panel! I'm super pumped for the next chapter!! >w<
Aww, Kei! I have nothing witty or funny to say to this page, just that I love Kei and I want him to be safe and happy. He looks so scared in that first panel! ;A;
She sees an obviously evil bush, right?? >:O

That first panel of Myaka blushing after getting caught comforting Lindina makes me unreasonably happy. >w>;
Omg Toji is so cute in that panel where Sentia's handing him over! <3 I especially love his little hair highlights! >w<

Resso is super cute in that last panel, too! But his ears and whiskers make me think he's just going to immediately stuff Toji in his mouth. YUM, MOUSE! XD;;
Awwww, I really love that third panel! How sweet, Myaka! ;w; My shipper heart is happy.

And apparently, Sentia is jealous of the hug??? *eyebrow waggle*
Aww, that second panel of Lindina is so pretty... ;^;

Also, Myaka. Please don't tell her you'll get her a new bird. I could see you thinking that's the right thing to say, but you'd be wrong. Trust me on this.
Aaaa, I really like those first two panels and the symbolism!! DELICIOUS ANGST--I mean, uh, poor Lindina. >w>;
First reaction: Oh wow, those crystals look really awesome! I guess that makes sense for the crystal sword and all. Oooh, look at that neat glow! Poor Lindina, though.

Second reaction: Wait. Did... did Lindina just cut Zenli's arm off??? WTF IS HAPPENING D:
Aw man, that's a cool first panel! And I am intrigued as to why the crystal sword's blade is flashing??? :O
WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY omg I did not see that coming! D: Lindina abruptly stopped screwing around... :C
AW SNAP it's going down now!! Also, I really like all the magic effects in the last couple pages, especially that first panel on this page. So hazy and neat. :D
The coloring is very pretty on this page! And the title of the chapter is super cool and intriguing! I am majorly hyped!! *w*