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Alright about me.. Well, I work as a janitor at a college, even though I'm smarter than everyone that goes there. Sometimes I'll see like, half an a equation written on a blackboard and I'll just finish it.
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    Zachary Hirschman
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dang dude I can't believe you still do these, great work, you have serious dedication. I remember reading these like four years ago
Aww poor Larry :( Love the Murder comic By the way,
If I had any idea how to use tumblr I would follow you:)
You're killin me with the updates bro!
It looks as though special level is ending soon..? as much as that stinks, i'm still pretty excited for runt and candy! the first time I read spoof wars I read the whole thing in like, five was pretty good.
@danycu then you are messed up :(
Ha ha kinda reminds me of ghostbusters..
They're so...magnificent...nice new design!
ha nice plot twist!
Loll. it's al part of the plan...
"I hope to have some sort of announcement ready by the end of the year."- SushiGummy
It's January 24th.
Please give some sort of update?
I Came here thinking I finally found a comic with morals and good values but now all I can think about is how much you'll regret this comic when you are in the throne room of God.
Hahaha nice! I love winstons attire by the way
And plus, if you update I can nominate you for best comedy 2013!!!!!
Cmon sushi, it's been a whole year!! One of the only reasons I stay on smackjeeves is because of this amazing comic!
LoL, I love jimmy!
Oh wait, I forgot to read a few pages, never mind!
Wait a minute... How did Winston get back to reality? Also good to see your back and making comics! And fat batman would be AWESOME!!!
Aren't you back from vacation yet?! I don't think can bare it any more!!!
Good luck with the new job! It sounds great!