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I'm 100% amateur. I'm not trying to create the next big webcomic or learn the skills. I'm just posting some comics that I've made I thought others would enjoy. I do mostly Four Panels. I hope to have a career in 3D modeling someday, but until then, i take the calm road in life. :)
If there's one thing Benji loves, it's messing with people. XD
I finished this yesterday but I didn't want to post it. Might post more comics today, IDK if I will, I'm in a pretty bad mood.
Wolfgang's a natural-born lawyer. He can talk himself out of any situation.
I'll try to restart daily updates. Sorry for being so inactive, life has been getting in the way.
Haha Drawing Manly Wolfgang was awkward. XD Ink'd on Livestream
James first appearance! There should be some more comics up later tonight.
Did this on Livestream, because I am a cool kid.
This took me 5 minutes FTW
I need to convince one of my friends to become my typesetter. lol. One day I'll put effort into a stripe and all ya'alls will be like "DAAYYYMMM GURL, You can actually draw!"
I copied and pasted. Dun' cuure.
I've been busy, so this was half-assed. :\
OH MAN, I gave up on the third panel.
My mom freaks out every morning trying to get me up. She really does call me a Lame Cow in the Road! XD
What's the point of getting a Metapod if you don't name it Penis? XD
This will get interesting soon, I swear.