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I like all pairings. //plakked

Current projects:
Red x Blue [yuri comic][hiatus]
Reverse Wonderland -remake- [yuri comic]

*Red x Blue is currently under revision because the main story, Game;KillingSyndrome is under revision and its story generally affects RxB because Hersha's a main character in GKS.

*Reverse Wonderland is also under small revisions as when I started it on 2010, Alice was a guy and the story had a lot of holes in it. Basically, RW is still under revision as well but its plot is solid now as compared to the 2010 version I did when I was in high school. //crais
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@WithAOne: hello dear. I'm sorry if I left you all hanging with this story. Honestly, RxB is a a spin-off of another story that's under revision (that main story is so complex, I forgot some of it already). It's been years since I updated, yes, and that is because I haven't really had the time to draw much because of Uni. I do plan on continuing this story because I love Hersha and Yahisa too much to leave them. //gets shot
Merry Christmas yeorobun :D
Happy Holidays yeorobun~ xD
Hello Red x Blue readers, this is nhiaChan, the author. =v=/

I'm sorry for the severe indefinite hiatus RxB did-- my school schedule last year got too busy and I couldn't really draw anything proper then.

Erm, so I have an announcement for RxB. Looking back at the previous pages I did during 2014/2015--- I cringed. I kind of dislike the pages now and I want to redraw them.

Red x Blue will resume after I have redrawn the old pages.

Thanks for stopping by~ Have a nice day~
September 15th, 2016
I'm sorry.. my updates are becoming erratic OTL
eyecatcher la cause I wanted to draw Elena. xDD

Elena and Alice sleeping the day away.
**Elena is the March Hare.
This is how Alice looks like. Well, in her high school uniform that is.
erm.. sorry for the inactivity. life happened and I had to sort out some stuff.. OTL

hello, this is nhia.
I'm finally ready to do Reverse Wonderland again and this time, it's yuri geared. *hooray*

so, this is the start. =v=;;/
//is headdesking
Thank you for 50+ faves. <3

And sorry for not updating-- I got overwhelmed with the start of my clinics-- //crai
Updates will still be on Sundays tho. I'll try to resume the normal sched now.. OTL

sidenote: can you guess who the girl in the pic is?
June 12th, 2015
omg omg omg
@Little Bunny: ahhh11 thank you dear >///<
colored page again.. //plakked
colored intro page.. //hides
I know I should be working on the ch1-b's pages properly-- (I keep failing making sexy scenes sorry amg) and I kept on re-drawing them so I decided to have a filler uploaded for now.

Semi-chibi of the 13th Club's members, from left to right:
Shironeko Ichiko
Sakurai Anri
Tsukugami Yahisa
Hersha Rosenwood
Olive Flameheart
Euriecielle Donarperht

You'll be seeing one of the other four girls on ch1-b soon. //plakked
Chapter 1 side B cover featuring Yahisa.

I am so sorry for not updating OTL.
I have momentarily forgotten about this comic because of a new obsession of mine + my experimentation with drawing methods again.

Slow updates... because nhia is having a hard time drawing perspectives. (I wouldn't like this comic to be 'flat-like' after all).

Thank you for visiting~ //shot
I finally updated [cause it's summer break here yay]

Chapter 1 part a page 8/last page.
POV - Yahisa's.
January 17th, 2015
Just to show what Hersha would look like in her palette. This was drawn 2 years ago back in 2013, so there are noticeable differences with the styles that I have used. OTL
This show what her eyes would look like in full colored illustrations.

left: personality 2 - outgoing
right: normal personality - apathetic
January 17th, 2015
I'm so sorry for the lack of updates--- I got stomped by writer's/artist's block.

POV: still Yahisa's.

*note: as said in the information board, Hersha has a personality disorder. With that, she has a second personality she uses when she interacts with others.

Also--- I couldn't really keep up with the 2x a week update schedule because of my laboratory subjects-- hence I'm changing it to Sundays only. //apologizes profusely