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I'm an anime fan, trying to make it in the world one step at a time. Getting a job doing that I love or just enjoy doing and getting paid for it is my dream. And making friends on the way is just another bonus on the side.
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@The Peaceful Is Willing To: Definitely. Thanks for asking.
@Josh Spicer: I agree!
Say, 'we aren't friends', please!
(I know sooner or later they will be, but I have a bet with someone. lol)
Come on Atty, kick her ass! lol
Shhh, you're too loud! I hope she gets caught up in it. haha
Alright, I see you George. Now, here's your defining moment as a character. PLEASE JOIN ATTY IN HIS QUEST TO STEAL POKEMON. Lol
@Obama: I was going to laugh at your comment, then I saw your username. Now I don't know which I'm laughing at. Probably both.
Oh noooo!!! lol
@Seve: Can I please meet a man/woman like Lex before I die? xD
@Auldr: Off topic... What is your avatar? And why am I laughing so hard..?
I can't draw men...
This is canon. lol
Alright, Jessica Rabbit...
I'll be back soon
I haven't forgotten about this comic. I've moved once again and I plan on doing a lot more drawing.
Hopefully, I can get back into this story once I've sat down and started doing the rough drafts.
I lost the first few pages that I worked on because of issues with my laptop and tablet so I'll have to redo them
once I get a new tablet at least.
So thanks for being patient. :D
@YaoiGirl09: It's going to happen. Just prepare. lol
Did I hear a b-dump? I swear I heard a b-dump right now.
That pause though. I'd support your love Atty. xDD
I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW!!! :'D It's so perfect!
GAAAAH! It's back!!! <3