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I'm an anime fan, trying to make it in the world one step at a time. Getting a job doing that I love or just enjoy doing and getting paid for it is my dream. And making friends on the way is just another bonus on the side.
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lol, you guys can't take a joke. xD
Did I hear a b-dump? I swear I heard a b-dump right now.
Omg, I was right! lol
For some reason, I thought Joa has already tried the buttsmex, but I was reading too much into it. lol Also, page 666 ended with someone getting cum inside them. Damn. lmao
Dylan makes me wish he was the seme ALL THE TIME. lol
That pause though. I'd support your love Atty. xDD
I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW!!! :'D It's so perfect!
GAAAAH! It's back!!! <3
Omg, I wouldn't not have been able to resist those baby eyes. Yes please. Lol Is it bad I hope the other couple gets in on this too?? xDD
Pleeeeease tell me there is a next page after this... *goes to check*
What if the family was there the whooooole time... Omg.
@Amphigouris: Right? I'm just like, females? Where? xD
I hope the mom and bro walks in... holy shit! lol
@G.H.S.T: History has been made! :D
...Is it bad I sense a sex scene coming up..? xD Also, 'coming up'. lmao.
Man, some people just can't handle a break up. D:
This comic makes my heart skip each and every time a new page comes out.
I feel like Daniel does right now...
*Sparkle* I feel *sparkle*. xDD