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ah, colt.
this is why i don't like you! xD
wow, you guys were married on 12/12/12? awesome! Anyway, you two look so cute together, congrats!!
oh gosh, i am not a lesbian myself,but i can really relate to that. I'm always the single one in my group of friends...always getting boyfriends or whatnot, and leaving me alone. :(
i just had that moment when you don't remember how to read because you are so excited about kaito shuno being updated! xD
I love this story so freaking much <3 <3
Awww <3
they are so cute...i can't stand it. kaito looks so...vulnerable and sweet. I LOVE THEM! now kiiissss~~ kehehe >w<
AWE..sadly i can relate.
This is making me get emotional. xD
i really want more, now!
i can relate to Kaito though, because my dad is kinda like Kaito's dad...he always thinks he knows what's best for me, but most of the time it isn't. He always has to make us angry when he is angry. Almost everyday i get home from school, he is angry about something, making me clean the house alone, or complaining about how i do everything wrong...can't wait until i can move out an take control of my life!
i wish i had someone like shuno though, that i could depend on, and fall back on when my days are bad. :(
@chance elric: LMAO! i love Destiel too!!! xDD funny i'd find it on here :D
oh my gosh, i remember those!!! i used to get them at a store up the road from my house when i was little!! they were so good <3 i remember my sisters and i used to fight over the candy inside, haha :D
December 24th, 2011
omg BOOBS? why are there boobs here?!?
haha she so pretty though <3
im for some HiroxNao porn! :D
but take your time love!
for some reason when i saw the panel with the spider biting him, i thought about the sound scooby makes when he eats scooby snacks (from scooby doo of course!)...xD that bad?? lol
October 18th, 2011
i feel like my heart stopped and my brain can't process anything right now!!!!! xDD
i love this update so much!!! :D
September 27th, 2011
i haven't seen that show in ever...i always watched it as a kid:D
i always imagined myself as bubbles, and my other two sisters are buttercup and Blossom xD
Shuno's so adorable! >w<
i love to go back and see how much your style has improved...and this story is so great!!! you should update more often!!!!!!! :DD
haha, that's really cute :3
i can't go past 2 days without washing my hair, and i usually wash it everyday, so i would have felt so nasty.. >.<
poor kaito xD
but we all know he's secretly loving it.
my mom is like the lady who's doing jura's face.....
it huurts, and i tell her to stop, but then she's like "im almost done, just one more!!!!!" then i run awaaay. so far away. my mom's weird o_e
i. have. no. words.