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I did 4 years of artschool and this is what I make.
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I am a slow potato. :|
Early update! :)
@UlfMonet: :'D Yay~ Haha, then again, Percy's life is a very complicated one ^^
@kite-lupine-aquila: Your comment made me smile :)
That updating-thing, still not having the hang of it ._.
Awww! Thanks for the awesome comments of awesome~

/hugs you all
Sorry for the delay!
And thanks for all the loving <3
@Flight Of The Raven: Yes, yes he does. And you wrote that correctly <3
@Pax: Sally Jackson has buns of steel <3
@FlyingPencil: I can only answer that with a yes C':
@Spencuh: Ahaha, I try but I'm not always able with work and stuffs :D
@LinhTinh: Thank you so much! :3
@Spencuh: If you're from the US chances would be quite small, with the timedifference and all. And lately I'm not much on AIM, sorry ^^;
@ivy-iris: Thanks a lot!

Haha, congrats on losing your commentvirginity! :D
@Flight Of The Raven: I believe it got mentioned in the second book, but I don't know if she had been working there when she met Poseidon so I just made something up :B
@redpandaclan: C: Haha, I hope so~