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Been here since 2010 <3
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I was hoping for this to happen and
it makes me so so happy so see them all together like this!!!
so nice to see everyone in colors
I really enjoy your comic so far!
wow amazing
so badass
second time reading
still laughing about the dig move
it's flawless
never mess with the hair of a girl!!
I'm so happy to see new pages :D
I adore your characters! I really wanna see more of them <3
I really love your comic <3
I adore your character designs and your
inking :3
I'm german and I really apreciate all
the german parts xD
At the beginning I thought you were german, too. Great work!!
I just found your comic and I have to say it's very good!! Most Nuzlocke comics just want to be funny but yours is funny and emotinal at the same time!!
I love Nina and her team they really are awesome <3

I really love these two, please take a look:
July 7th, 2011
I laughed at the 'some racing game' game xD Hilarious!
Amazing how long you have
your characters :D
You improved a lot!!
May 24th, 2011
seems like he's guessing what kind of special juice this is...
May 17th, 2011
lovey <3
I love the plot of your comic xD
I totally understand her! There are way too much cute and habdsome boys out there who really should be dating...infront of everyone xD
Yay for being a fangirl <3
Your art is so adorable I can't stand it X3
Great idea for the story. I like the plot. It's not the usual love situation.
I think Sandy's a cute even she looks stubborn >3<