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Ohhhh, I just remembered this: (NSFW) o///o
February 11th, 2017
Luke is back!
I had to go back and check if the handsome guy of las panel was who I think it was :D
(chapter 1, page 69)
What will happen now?? Please don't hurt our Gannet...

Love this comic <3
January 31st, 2016
Nice to see your pages again!
And congratulations on your resolution to finish this comic on 2020! I will be waiting for more updates :D
August 21st, 2014
And what or who is that creepy phantasmagoric shadow on the background??
Hahaha. Poor Dylan, will he blush to death now? I wasn't expecting Joa to be so blunt :p
Not for his character but more for dylan.
It was nice to watch the new pages on wendsday, it gives joy at the middle of the week, thank you!
And you do it great!!
I was SO happy to see a new page of your comic!!
@Soen Kai
Now that you say, I went back some pages and noticed the change of clothes and other things.
The problem here is probably that we don't remember, trough the days, well enough the past pages with the needed detail to understand whats going on. It's different when you read all the pages at once.
BEAUTIFUL!!! thank you very much for share your great work!