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Hello there my name is haley i enjoy cosplaying, reading manga, and drawing manga these are onley a few of my hobbies i also quite enjoy writeing. my two best friends made me get an acount on here cause they like my manga's and stories and i also quite enjoy sushi so dont touch my SUUUSHAAAAAYY. I:< or things will get complicated. im into yaoi and im into boy girl love so i will be writeing both. i have just waisted 2 minutes of your time good bye.
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So cute! ;D I HOPE THIS comic runs.. forevvveerrrrr..coughcough HopesformorekissesCoughcough
Aww that was such a cute innocent kiss =3 i love your comic!
He is the awesomest uke ever XD there useualy just like.. crying all the time and saying cheezy things but.. percy Hes.. hialrious XD
The main character with the glasses looks like america from hitalia XD
): thats sad love you bastian <3
im seriously likeing your comics the style is realy cool
(: i feel so bad for him he's so soicaly ackward like me XD..
poor kid ): i no what his lifes like.. hey are there any couples later on ive been watching this manga for a bit. just hopeing.
YOUR COMIC IS SO ADDICTING.. UPDATE FAST D': alex mika is your onley love mika loves you!! D: dont date that pedophile he kissed you forcefully.. friend ship MY ASS? ):
NO NO NO i cant handle seing that its soo sad. mika needs to show that teach who alex belongs to mika luffles him ): mr teach wants to hurt alex kun </3 "RIPS OFF SHIRT IN FURY"
oh dont tell me he kidnapped alex D: or he's.. geting raped some were... AND UPDATE MORE. yout manga is addicting. ggrr
awes shucks ;A; we will always be here for yah your commic is my favorite on the site <3
YOUR Manga keeps me wanting more lol every day i always creep your manga for a new page JHSLAHDH;KDDJ; KEEP UP THE EPIC MANGA writeing stuff. and alex you dope lets let pervert inside.