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Andrea Kenobi
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*chuckles* Wow, this is so messed up
It... makes absolutly no sense...
Did Moron just turn darker?
Uh, oh
*holds up recording of C-3PO*
"We're doomed."
ya know,if it turns out to be that bith sith in disguise,i'm gonna,i'm gonna...*stabs bastila*do that!
*stabs Gold for stabbing Bastila*

Yay! I knew Revan couldn't be one of those retards! *hugs Lord Revan*
The Yuuzhan Vong were a bunch of ugly skeletal looking beasts. They lokked nothing like humans.
If this goes like Dead Man's Chest, the Sand People turning on Runt should be hillarious.

Fierfek was a Huttese slang word that meant "hex" or "curse," but was commonly accepted to mean "poison" by non-Huttese-speaking races. During the Clone Wars, it was adopted by clone commandos as a curse word. Boba Fett and Han Solo would later use it during the Second Corellian Insurrection.
Haha, so true
Should have been more dead
Oh God! The Bith Sith is back! XD
I think the Kaminons used Runt as one of their first cloning tests... didn't work to well... Attack of the Retards.
Join me, Spidey, and together we can rule the galaxy!
Size of the haystack wouldn't matter- the rancor would come charging out, flailing its arms and swallowing every moving thing in his path.
Yeah, Runt got eaten by a sand wampa XD
LMAO That was weird XD
People just think they're all cool if they swear at everyone. They're just immature.


I wish I had an adorable, homicidal droid to destroy my enemies and bring me cookies. And maybe some blue milk.
Haha, that sucks for him.